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    Valve experiments on matchmaking in new update

    As part of the Summer Scrub, Valve released a whole new experimental matchmaking system to tackle various matchmaking issues such as account buying, abusive behavior, friendly and teamplay aspects, as well as high mmr matchmaking.
    In the blog post dota 2 posted (http://blog.dota2.com/2019/08/matchmaking-update-2/), the devs explained the various changes they will implement until the end of this season and ask feedback on what matchmaking improvements to make over the year and start a better season.
    Solo and Party MMR combined
    Valve stated the major aspects for this update. The first one is the teamplay aspect, they emphasized how dota 2 is a team game, but heavily rewards solo playing experience. The second is the correctness of the MMR aspect, where teams have a wide difference on mmr. So to incentivize teamplay, Valve improved the algorithm and have combined solo and party mmr.
    Core and Support mmr
    To address the skill differences among roles, Valve decided to implement separate mmrs for core and support. Along with this, the ranked roles feature will now be the based matchmaking for everyone. Where it is divided into hard support, soft support, mid, offlane, and carry. This also allows players to select multiple roles.
    During this change, the existing rank will be the basis for both Core and Support mmr. If the experiment is a success, Valve will keep the Core and Support mmrs and have separate leaderboards and calibration.
    These changes will take effect for the remainder of the season and Valve will have a call for feedback towards its end wherein they can take the necessary steps to improve matchmaking for everyone. Asking for the community’s support, Valve requested everyone to be patient and report any bugs related to this update.
    What do you think of this update? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!

    9 august 2019 04:52 5035

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