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    The Summer Scrub 2019 update has arrived to sweep in a slew of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. You can find a comprehensive list of fixes in the notes below.
    Added customizable hero grid
    Reduced the number of frame hitches in the game (especially in teamfights)
    Some general performance improvements
    Reduced input latency (the game now sends the commands to the server more quickly)
    Reduced camera movement latency
    Reworked the item organization in the shop (includes an option to use the old vertical alignment)
    Queued commands will now show up in the HUD
    Issued a ban wave for players found exploiting matchmaking, botting or transferring accounts
    Added a toggle near the stash to instruct the courier to pick your items the next time it is doing a run (without changing its orders)
    Using the Deliver Items hotkey on the courier will cause the courier to send any items it has to the next player if the courier no longer has any items that belong to you
    Added Talent tree to the in-game and post game scoreboard
    Added a tooltip to non-heroes' level indicator that shows Gold and XP Bounties
    Added alt-click alerts for which talent tree choices have been learned on a hero
    Hovering over a hero's level indicator will now show the XP range
    Added a hero icon next to the in-world health bar
    Added custom water effects while Morphling is morphed into another hero
    Added a custom overhead effect for when heroes are deniable
    Updated Troll Warlord's Battle Trance visual effect
    Fixed Dashboard player profiles not loading for players sometimes
    Fixed a disconnected last pick player not causing the game to be safe to leave
    Increased the maximum number of player reports from 3 to 5
    Increased the number of reports high behavior score players get
    Added new overhead visual effects for Break and Mute debuffs
    Hovering over a unit's portrait now displays a range finder for their current vision range
    Alt-clicking the clock to print the time now also prints whether bounty and/or power runes are spawning soon
    Scan can now be alt-clicked to inform team of its cooldown state. A ctrl-click will advise the team not to use it yet.
    Fixed a large number of outdated or inaccurate tooltips
    Added a special tooltip presentation for Aghanim's Scepter upgrades
    Added hero icons above Tusk's Snowball
    Added hero icons above Phoenix's Supernova with Scepter
    Steam nicknames are now displayed as player names within a match
    Chat no longer scrolls incorrectly when clicking a "Join Party" link
    Ability ranges are now shown when hovering over enemy hero abilities (shows the values for the max level ranges)
    Added an overhead silence visual for Viper's Level 25 Nethertoxin
    Added an option to bring Dota 2 to front for Ready Checks
    Health bars for opponents are now red when you select an opponents unit
    Added a buff to Spirit Breaker while charging that indicates the target of Charge of Darkness, which can be alt-clicked to broadcast this information to your team.
    Pinging Runes now indicates in the text their location ( top or bottom ) in addition to their team in the case of a Bounty Rune (Dire/Radiant)
    Fixed single target sounds playing too loudly when converted to multi-target by AoE talents. (Press the Attack, Shadow Word, Hex, etc.)
    Added Leashed overhead text
    Fixed pinging an enemy empty bottle saying it had a Double Damage rune.
    Fixed pings on large targets sometimes being difficult to see.
    Fixed buyback stinger sound not playing for the Terrorblade player when he has the Arcana
    Fixed Morphling looking bald when he morphs into Kid Invoker
    Fixed missing overhead tipping particles for TI9 Battle Pass tips
    Fixed Sven Warcry not having a radius on hover
    Fixed Necrophos Heartstopper Aura range finder display being affected by cast range bonuses
    Fixed Devour's buff being considered a debuff
    Added AoE indicator for Aghanims Slark Shadow Dance
    Fixed in-game rank profiles failing to load frequently
    Hero Demo: Added "Level Enemy To Max" button
    Hero Demo: There is no longer a 24 item limit (old behavior resulted in "Item Is Not Allowed For This Hero" message)
    Fixed some cases where the cast range range-finder wouldn't match the actual cast range (i.e. Lion's Earth Spike with talent)
    Item tooltip damage values now show their modified spell amp values if alt is pressed.
    Added a visual effect on self solar crest use
    Fixed killfeed message for shared bounties incorrectly stating that the entire bounty gold was rewarded to each hero
    The Damage Taken and Dota Plus sidebars no longer clip into unit portraits for Meepo/Lone Druid.
    Fixed Timewalk having an AoE slow particle effect (since the ability no longer slows)
    Fixed post game progress sometimes appearing when viewing a previous match details
    Fixed Invoker's Cataclysms displaying high above ground if created when enemies were up in the air
    Fixed incomplete error messages for Divine Favor's targeting rules
    Fixed Death Prophet and Winter Wyvern starting to fly visually when Dueled/Taunted
    Fixed the range indicator for Phantom Assassin's Blur.
    Fixed Disruptor's Glimpse displaying high above ground if the victim was up in the air when it was at the position it's being returned to
    Fixed many in-game hero and announcer subtitles not matching the audio
    Fixed the hitbox for hero inspect during pregame sometimes overlapping with other features (e.g. the Guides tab)
    Fixed Brewmaster's Storm Brewling's Cyclone sound getting stuck on in some cases (e.g. when used on Roshan)
    Orchid can be found in the shop with the "silence" keyword.
    Fixed Dragon Knight losing his Dragonform level color after being hexed
    Fixed the Party Finder click region being too large
    Added a tooltip to the Random button
    Fixed Jinada not playing its animation
    Fixed Elder Titan's Natural Order and Drow Ranger's Marksmanship armor reduction incorrectly stacking
    Fixed Battle Trance losing the benefit of Troll Warlord's level 25 talent after getting Aghanim's Scepter
    Fixed Battle Trance Scepter upgrade purging debuffs instead of buffs on enemies.
    Changed Dark Seer Wall of Replica cast behavior. Now the cast target point is in the middle of the wall, instead of the end.
    Fixed some illusions that are not secret having hero health bars instead of creep health bars (Conjure Image, Vengeance Aura, Dark Portrait)
    Fixed teleport scrolls dropping at a hero's location if the courier had a full inventory and a teleport scroll was dragged to its TP slot
    Fixed Monkey King soldiers granting kill and last hit credit to the wrong player if that player swapped heroes with another player after entering the game
    Fixed interaction between Winter's Curse and Battle Trance.
    Fixed Faceless Void getting slowed by Haste Rune inside Chronosphere
    Fixed Visage Familiars being able to use Stone Form via the main hero while taunted
    Fixed Io having its movement speed set to 0 if tethered to a unit that had its movement speed limited (i.e. Pangolier in his ultimate)
    Fixed certain aoe abilities turning the caster around when self-cast while on the move (e.g. Surge with talent, Press the Attack with talent)
    Fixed Elder Titan's Scepter upgrade applying the magic immunity at the start of cast time instead of channeling time.
    Fixed a number of bugs with the Hill Troll Priest and its heal ability.
    Fixed Doom's Infernal Blade still going off if Doom's ability to cast it was lost during the attack animation (i.e. Silence).
    Right clicking on wards that are not deniable with force right click attack will now issue a move order rather than attack
    Selecting illusions now shows the gold of the player instead of 0.
    Fixed clones (Monkey King, Arc Warden, and Meepo ) created while their owning player was disconnected never being able to earn gold/xp.
    The small building in front of Radiant's T4 towers is closer, so Jakiro's Liquid Fire can spill to both T4's in Radiant base, as it already does in Dire base
    Fixed first strike of Eye of the Storm not reducing armor.
    Fixed Templar Assassin's Psionic Projection damage not increasing with levels.
    Fixed Fog of War visibility bounds for Faceless Void's Time Walk particle effect.
    Fixed Fog of War visibility bounds for Huskar's Inner Fire particle effect.
    Fixed Fog of War visibility bounds for Meepo's Poof particle effect.
    Morphling and Rubick can no longer apply Ogre Magi's Multicast passive to stolen or replicated spells.
    Fixed extra Rupture charge being consumed when combined with Soulbind
    Fixed Morphling Morph permanently copying item Multicast when Morphing to Rubick who had stolen a spell from Ogre Magi.
    Fixed the interaction of Earth Spirit's Rolling Boulder vs. Enigma's Black Hole and Faceless Void's Chronosphere.
    Fixed Rubick being able to use abilities when in Supernova
    Fixed Phantom Assassin's Blur being removed by the pedestals left behind by destroyed effigies.
    Fixed Winter's Curse kill credit logic being permanently lost when Winter's Curse is used with Soulbind
    Fixed Pangolier's scepter Shield Crash not triggering Swashbuckles when cast by Rubick
    Fixed Morphling bug where if he replicated a hero that had changed its attack capability [Lone Druid, Morphling, Terrorblade], he'd get the wrong combination of attack type + attack range
    Fixed Morphling losing Attribute Shift based on certain circumstances
    Fixed a bug where players weren't being given kill credit if their summoned units killed an enemy under the influence of Wraith King's Scepter, and that summoned unit died before the wraith died.
    Fixed Wukong's Command targeting reticle not updating properly when using Tree Dance.
    Fixed Morphling being able to cast Waveform with the mana of the hero being Morphed into when cast in quick succession
    Fixed any items (such as gems) being movable to the courier's or Lone Druid Bear's TP slot.
    Fixed Bloodrage counting as a buff if cast on enemy heroes.
    Fixed Rubick's Storm Element not getting Cinder Brew when Rubick had Aghanim's Scepter.
    Fixed Take Aim range bonus getting stuck if leveled up while the additional bonus range was active.
    Fixed Enchantress Enchant buff not properly giving control to Enchantress on creeps that had previously been Enchanted then re-dominated by another player.
    Fixed Tusk's Snowball effect disappearing if its target's model became invisible.
    Fixed Supernova not refreshing cooldowns if Phoenix was affected by Time Dilation prior to the cast
    Fixed Slardar illusions not getting river bonuses in puddles (but were getting it rivers)
    Fixed Rubick not gaining the correct amount of charges when stealing Fire Remnant with Aghanim's Scepter
    Vengeful Spirit's Vengeance Illusion is now properly selected / deselected on death and respawn.
    Fixed the "Select Hero" hotkey not allowing you to select Vengeful Spirit while having a Vengeance Illusion alive.
    Grimstroke's Soulbind: Fixed secondary channelled spells not being interrupted when the source caster is interrupted or dies
    Fixed Monkey King being unable to buy from certain shops while perched on a tree
    Fixed Pudge's Dismember continuing to channel when the target had broken out of the spell
    Fixed Earthshaker Arcana Counter and Echo Slam relic revealing invis units
    Fixed Nether Swap charges not being removed when blocked by Linken Sphere
    Fixed Ancient Apparition's Ice Blast preventing Track gold from triggering if the enemy died to shatter
    Fixed Chen's Divine Favor being able to teleport ward units (e.g. Serpent Wards) and couriers
    Fixed Wind Walk not spawning skeleton archers when used by Rubick with Aghanim's Scepter
    Fixed Soulbind being able to create an invisible additional leash on a third hero in some rare cases
    Fixed Tome of Knowledge interrupting non-channeling commands
    Fixed Treant's Living Armor being wasted if it was ground-targeted and the nearest friendly unit was a creep hero
    Fixed Scepter upgraded Illuminate has a 10s cooldown instead of 11
    Fixed Meepo giving two kill credits if an attack killed a Meepo that had Fatal Bonds shared with one of its clones
    Fixed Song of the Siren with Aghanims not affecting enemies if stolen and used by Rubick
    Fixed Brewmaster's Fire Brewling's Immolation not being disabled by break
    Fixed Grimstroke's Dark Portrait being castable on creep heroes
    Fixed Rubick disappearing after using Battle Trance inside Supernova
    Fixed Aghanim's Scepter's ambient effect being visible on Monkey King when he's in a Mischief disguise.
    Fixed Juggernaut being able to attack creep heroes while applying Blade Fury damage to them.
    Fixed extra Spirit Siphon charge being consumed when combined with Soulbind
    Fixed Abaddon's scepter Borrowed Time not working when cast by Rubick
    Fixed Juggernaut Jagged Honor back item skinning and flag
    Fixed Ink Swell Status Effect and Illusion material for Grimstroke Paean of the Ink Dragon Set
    Fixed Pugna taunt (Taunt: Check this Out) not working in Perfect World client
    Fixed Axe Oglodi Big Boss Head lod0 model, also Rampant Outrage ambient FX adjustment
    Fixed Pudge’s Hook of Delicacies of Butchery Hook - model placement adjusted
    Fixed Doom animation updates
    Fixed Tusk immortal "Whisky the Stout Artifact", "Ice Shards" clipping the ground
    Fixed Legion Commander sorting improvements on immortal "Baneful Devotion" helm and arcana "Blades of Voth Domosh" weapons
    Fixed Earthshaker immortal "Bracers of the Cavern Luminar" ambient effects orientation sometimes being wrong
    Fixed Spirit Breaker immortal "Iron Surge" ambient effects
    Fixed Weaver immortal "Skittering Desolation" ambient effects
    Fixed Dark Seer immortal "Bracers of Forlorn Precipice" & "Golden Bracers of Forlorn Precipice" "Ion Shell" effects and made changes to golden version to help read
    Fixed Abaddon immortal "Mace of the Chosen" ambient effects
    Fixed Bane immortal "Slumbering Terror", "Nightmare" ability effects
    Fixed Mirana immortal "Axia of Metira", ambient effects where depth feathered is causing a visual bug
    Fixed Earthshaker arcana "Planetfall" missing the inventory icon for the second style
    Fixed Dragon Knight immortal "Kindred of the Iron Dragon", dragon tail animation
    Fixed Necrophos immortal items "Sullen Hollow" and "Golden Sullen Hollow" ambient particles
    Fixed Drow Ranger Algis Legacy Bow effect colors
    Fixed Elder Titan Shaper Relic weapon effect colors
    Fixed Alchemist Radiance Sword missing an edge outline effect
    Fixed Weaver Skittering Desolation having a missing effect
    Fixed Faceless Void Mace of Aeon ambient effects
    Fixed Invoker Hero Persona not counting relic progress
    Fixed Chaos Knight Reality Rift relic not working
    Fixed Night Stalker Void Slow relic not working
    Fixed Brewmaster Hurl Boulder relic and challenge counting up incorrectly
    Fixed Lycan Wolves Hero Damage relic counting up incorrectly
    Fixed Dragon Knight Breathe Fire relic counting up incorrectly
    Fixed Spirit Breaker Damage after Bulldoze not working
    Fixed Debuffs Purged relic counting up incorrectly
    Replaced Naga Siren Creep Tower Damage with Illusion Tower Damage relic
    Replaced Naga Siren Meteor Hammer Leading to Kills with Mana Damage relic
    Replaced Legion Commander Stuns Leading to Kills with Press the Attack Heals relic
    Replaced Lifestealer Disjoints with Assimilate with Health Restored from Feast relic
    Replaced Bounty Hunter Jinada Hits with Jinada Gold Stolen
    Fixed Silencer Int Steal failing to count up after a certain time period
    Fixed some challenges that dealt with kills from spells not counting for spells that generated attacks( i.e. Tidehunter Anchor Smash )
    Fixed Mars Bulwark challenge incorrectly counting up instances rather than damage amount
    Fixed Bristleback Bristleback Triggered Damage challenge incorrectly counting up instances rather than damage amount
    Fixed Riki's Trick of the Trade damage challenge not counting up correctly
    Fixed Omnislash damage challenge not counting up correctly
    Naga Siren can no longer receive Kills after Meteor Hammer challenge
    Chaos Knight can no longer receive Kills while Debuffing Armor challenge
    Grimstroke can no longer receive the Halberd Duration challenge
    Grimstroke, Lina, Shadow Fiend, Bloodseeker, Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit, and Templar Assassin can no longer receive "Kills while using Nullifier" challenge.
    Medusa, Troll Warlord, Phantom Assassin, Gyrocopter, Juggernaut, and Vengeful Spirit can no longer recieve "Damage with Mask of Madness" challenge.
    Night Stalker can no longer receive Kills on Silenced Hero challenge.
    Medusa can no longer receive Deal Pure Damage challenge.
    Troll Warlord can no longer receive Bash Heroes challenge.
    Use Urn Charges as Hero challenge amount reduced from 16/24/32 to 12/18/24
    Frost Blast Kills / Assists challenge amount reduced from 20/40/60 to 10/20/30
    Undying Damage With Tombstone Level 3 value reduced from 6000 to 4500
    Frostbite Creep Kills reduced from 20/40/60 to 15/30/45
    Wraith King Kills reduced from 3/6/9 to 2/4/6 and timer increased to 10 from 5
    Fixed an issue where trying to play a specific custom game and map combination could launch the wrong map
    Fixed an issue that could cause empty entries in the Arcade Open Lobbies list
    Fixed a memory leak caused by CustomNetTables
    Fixed a regression that caused SetCustomAttributeDerivedStatValue to not function
    Fixed ModifyExperienceFilter not working in the case where it would return false
    API Additions: "dota_scan_used" and "dota_glyph_used" game events are now broadcasted to the server
    API Additions: Modify Experience Filters now pass in "hero_entindex_const" key for the hero gaining the experience.
    API Additions - Global (Server): * CreateIllusions( hOwner, hHeroToCopy, hModifierKeys, nNumIllusions, nPadding, bScramblePosition, bFindClearSpace ) Note: See script_help2 for supported modifier keys
    API Additions - Global (Client): GetLocalPlayerTeam()
    API Additions - Global (Client): GetLocalPlayerID()
    API Additions - CDOTABaseGameMode: SetCustomGlyphCooldown( flCooldown )
    API Additions - CDOTABaseGameMode: GetCustomGlyphCooldown()
    API Additions - CDOTABaseGameMode: SetCustomBackpackSwapCooldown( flCooldown )
    API Additions - CDOTABaseGameMode: GetCustomBackpackSwapCooldown()
    API Additions - CDOTABaseGameMode: SetCustomBackpackCooldownPercent( flPercent )
    API Additions - CDOTABaseGameMode: GetCustomBackpackCooldownPercent()
    API Additions - CDOTA_BaseNPC: GetDisplayAttackSpeed()
    API Additions - CDOTA_BaseNPC: GetCastRangeBonus()
    API Additions - CDOTA_BaseNPC: GetCooldownReduction()
    API Additions - CDOTA_BaseNPC: SetMaxMana( nMaxMana )
    API Additions - CDOTA_BaseNPC: IsInRangeOfShop( nShopType, bPhysicallyNear )
    API Additions - C_DOTA_BaseNPC: GetCastRangeBonus()
    API Additions - C_DOTA_BaseNPC: GetCooldownReduction()
    API Additions - CDOTA_Ability_Lua: OnAbilityPinged( nPlayerID, bCtrlHeld )
    API Additions - CDOTA_Ability_Lua: ResetToggleOnRespawn()
    API Additions - CDOTABaseAbility: SetStealable( bStealable ) Note: Some abilities in the base game do not have mutable stealability.
    API Additions - C_DOTABaseAbility: C_DOTABaseAbility IsItem()
    API Additions - CDOTA_Item: SetSecondaryCharges()
    API Additions - CDOTA_Item: GetSecondaryCharges()
    API Additions - CDOTA_Item: GetItemSlot()
    API Additions - C_DOTA_Item: GetInitialCharges()
    API Additions - C_DOTA_Item: GetCurrentCharges()
    API Additions - C_DOTA_Item: GetSecondaryCharges()
    API Additions - C_DOTA_Item: GetItemSlot()
    API Additions - CDOTAPlayer: SetAssignedHeroEntity( hHero )
    API Additions - CDOTABuff: IsDebuff()
    API Additions - CDOTABuff: IsHexDebuff()
    API Additions - CDOTABuff: GetAuraOwner()
    API Additions - CDOTABuff: GetSerialNumber()
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_HP_REGEN_AMPLIFY_PERCENTAGE_SOURCE - GetModifierHPRegenAmplify_PercentageSource
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_INVISIBILITY_ATTACK_BEHAVIOR_EXCEPTION - GetModifierInvisibilityAttackBehaviorException
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_ATTACK_RANGE_BONUS_PERCENTAGE - GetModifierAttackRangeBonusPercentage
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_INVISIBILITY_ATTACK_BEHAVIOR_EXCEPTION - GetModifierInvisibilityAttackBehaviorException
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_IGNORE_MOVESPEED_LIMIT - GetModifierIgnoreMovespeedLimit
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_ABSOLUTE_MAX - GetModifierMoveSpeed_AbsoluteMax
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_MP_RESTORE_AMPLIFY_PERCENTAGE - GetModifierMPRestoreAmplify_Percentage
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_PREATTACK_BONUS_DAMAGE_TARGET - GetModifierPreAttack_BonusDamage_Target
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_STATUS_RESISTANCE_CASTER GetModifierStatusResistanceCaster
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_EVENT_ON_PROCESS_CLEAVE - OnProcessCleave
    New linked properties: MODIFIER_EVENT_ON_PROJECTILE_OBSTRUCTION_HIT - OnProjectileObstructionHit

    9 august 2019 03:08 5035

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