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    How to avoid scam?

    If you find a website or a Roblox game who ask passworld, don't put password here, the player try to steal your account and your robux
    If he ask a password, report than and the scammer will be punished

    6 august 2019 09:18 2173

    nice nice nice help help

    6 august 2019 10:26 2173

    thx , helped a lot

    6 august 2019 11:49 2173

    Don't share passwords, have 2stepvarification turned on and be careful while trading

    6 august 2019 12:26 2173

    if someone is telling you free robux they might tell truth but if he will say add me well you know that he is scamming you can friend him and troll him or just ingore

    6 august 2019 13:11 2173

    *** this is not working what's wrong with it

    6 august 2019 13:12 2173

    Don't play free robux games ;-;

    6 august 2019 13:52 2173

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