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    Lords mobile game

    How to finish this game early

    30 july 2019 18:05 2212

    By early what do you mean, if you want to get reward before 14castle lvl you cant,
    but i speedran it in like 3 days, Just dont go easy on your crystals, get your vip lvl first so that you can get longer free builds and just focus on your castle

    31 july 2019 19:17 2212

    i tried once to finish it but it was too hard,so i stopped doing progress on it.

    6 august 2019 18:43 2212

    hello my name is jaykaypeeps Or on here jaykay prod,i am writing this messange just to level up so i can get robux thank u for understandings

    6 august 2019 18:50 2212

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