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    What is actually required for the first task?

    "Build a base in your home planet and upgrade it." What does this mean? I don't see any specific structure called a "base" so what is it that I actually need to upgrade?

    26 july 2019 21:59 17

    I don't know srry :(

    26 july 2019 22:13 17

    So I completed the task just by sending a screenshot of my upgraded resources. I think it means to upgrade any building on your homeworld (I had been playing for maybe 10 minutes)

    2 august 2019 05:43 17

    I tried sending a screenshot again, the first time it got rejected saying my account wasn't new. I've definitely never played this game before though... Hope they approve it this time.

    12 august 2019 20:38 17

    My task also gets rejected twice now already. Saying its not a new account. On my second try i even put in a screenshot of my mail that shows that i created a new account. So i am probably dropping this. (I had no problems with getting my tasks from world of warships accepted which i did on the same day with same browser config).

    14 august 2019 18:24 17

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