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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a fun, First person shooter arcade game. Massively Popular for their Zombies and Multiplayer mode.
    With up to 16 players in a Multiplayer Match and up to 4 players for Zombies.

    So where do we start. Call of Duty: Black Ops II, a game that released back in November the 12th of 2012. A FPS game that could match, that could fight with another one of their games in the Call of Duty franchise titled: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This game puts us the gamers in the year 2025 with a new fan favourite map called Nuketown 2025!
    CoD:BO II was one of my, and many of my friends' favourite game. That we still play to this day on Steam!
    It's a great game to relax, and have fun with. 
    There's a variety of weapons to use, which are all balance. UKQzWxUFBkCuugi0KrmlJ5ohTnVM2M.png
    There are also many maps to play on, that have been re-made in their newer cods: Black Ops 3, Black Ops 4.

    A fan favourite map that was re-made into the newer cods for example is Hijacked! VlkMAPfxZY1xbp2oXu3E09a5bAKS6L.jpg
    You could probably tell which one is Hijacked, and which is the re-make. 

    The fact that this game is still being played to this day, after 7 years of being played is absolutely amazing. It's still fun to this day, and still surprises me with the things that happen in the game everyday.
    The game is unique to other cods, it has a modern feeling. Has guns and maps that are set in 2025. If any of you know about FaZe Clan, then you won't be surprised that they made this Call of Duty massive! And it was selected for best game of the year, and was played by more than a million players global. This game was the game, that you'd love to come back from school after a stressed day, a game that make you forget about your maths homework.

    I made this article, because I think that this game deserves more players in the current year. It reaches 1,000 players every now and then. But still struggles to pull around 500 players whenever it's night. Although; I still manage to find games. As long as I made my search (ping related) higher.
    And if anyone has this game, or is going to buy this game either from gamehag. Contact me in the Gamehag discord and I'll be more than happy to play whenever!

    Black Ops 2 was published by Treyarch, a team of game developers and designers that've been known for so many years. They run the Black Ops series, and there are so many people that love their Black Ops series, because of the Campaign story that makes us the players involve with the characters, and grown an emotional attachment to the characters. This is mainly a thing that has been created in the zombies mode, and the story started 10 years ago in CoD:WaW (World at War) where everything was simple, and not complicated as today. In Black Ops 4 where we've been took to a time where Romans where still a thing. 

    25 july 2019 17:48 1625

    I like it

    3 january 2020 09:41 1625

    thanks again, and the other joi

    6 january 2020 20:39 1625

    hola 550th birthday

    6 january 2020 20:40 1625

    its very nice game

    7 january 2020 07:50 1625

    wow its been long since i played this game. i remember playing this back in 2014. I kinda miss it. i wanna play this again.

    15 june 2020 12:05 1625

    Cool game fun to play i only play Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 And im already addicted to it

    21 june 2020 07:48 1625

    Wonderful game

    21 june 2020 08:44 1625

    very nice game

    3 july 2020 17:16 1625

    very good game

    19 december 2020 15:01 1625

    nice i like that game

    19 december 2020 16:08 1625

    i dont played this game yet but it looks good

    21 december 2020 10:27 1625

    can you get COD Black ops 2 for free

    22 december 2020 13:04 1625

    that would be awesome and amazing

    22 december 2020 13:05 1625

    best game all of the time

    22 december 2020 15:55 1625

    best game but continue because start roblox this game its fun!;)

    22 december 2020 16:21 1625

    Mega no

    22 december 2020 16:28 1625

    what a wonderful game thank you!

    5 january 2021 09:24 1625

    ngl id play again if there wasnt hackers

    7 january 2021 20:49 1625


    7 january 2021 21:50 1625

    I've missed playing this actually, I shouldn't have left my PS2 on my grandma's

    8 january 2021 18:56 1625

    But I'm thinking of buying it on Steam but still waiting for another sale

    8 january 2021 18:56 1625


    8 january 2021 20:31 1625

    Pretty cool dude

    8 january 2021 20:52 1625

    very nice game

    9 january 2021 14:02 1625

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