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    Stop playing fortnite XD but actually is good

    guys, stop playing fortnite srsly XD I mean we still play clash royale and fortnite in 2019? C'mon... guys you have more IQ than this xd (No hate I just want points ok?) So yeah.. I dont know what to say because... yeah fortnite may be a good game I dont know, I never saw it xd I mean I never watched a video of fortnite and stuff but I will soon I dont know... because actually I dont know what to say... XD Im so interested in fortnite and its a good game so yeah, like my comment if you wanna help me XD (FORTNITE BEST GAME EVER) I love fortnite lol xd Idk what to sayy...

    19 july 2019 23:38 2830

    no i dont have IQ srry.Epic Games work hard for FORTNITE and they give us so much FREE things like when they do world cups for 10,000.I dont know how Epic Games can make this GAME SO GOOOODDDDDD!!!!! I will never stop. I stopped playing fortnite once and it was mistake.

    20 july 2019 08:45 2830

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