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    User Reports

    There is no real place to show moderators reports about users, so here we go!

    17 july 2019 19:35 1628

    @Iks09 posted in the thread "Tools for gamers" "I think thet is the gamehag best because very fast can pickup so many SG point and then pickup for rewards". This is weird because he is a lvl 1 person. A lvl 1 person wouldn't know this without alts or a return after ban. Check please whether he is a real person or not

    17 july 2019 19:38 1628

    I thought you can report to Misty? Try doing that and if it works it's better to lock this thread to avoid spam.

    18 july 2019 13:55 1628

    @YourGodisBlind, @Micker003 thought of this thread through and he seems to be right about it. There are plenty of users who are really suspicious and the gamehag admins seems to be blind about it. Don't expect Misty (an automated bot; unsure way of speaking to the admins directly) would help this situation. You should think of your answer more than just letting other gamehag users's topic go down the drain. @Micker003 has been here in gamehag for a long time now and he knows how this site works. You're probably new so you wouldn't understand. Also, if you think this thread could be regarded as spam, you should think again and reflect and know what spam really means. I've cheked your forum activity and you keep on spouting nonsense comments that should even be kept to yourself as it could be regarded as spam here on gamehag. I'm pretty sure you've not even read the full page of what spam really is here in gamehag.

    18 july 2019 15:33 1628

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