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    How to get Better aim?

    I always watch streamers and other players do only headshots 1 tap how can I make my aim better so I can start dominating the field

    16 july 2019 06:03 808

    tons and tons of practice, not the answer you want but its really the only way, you can mod out your controller/ keyboard but in the end it comes down to skill.

    16 july 2019 06:44 808

    playing playing playing my man. you get better the more you play and the more you play with the same gun. there are youtube vids on how the patterns are of every gun you can take a look at those

    16 july 2019 13:25 808

    This is how I learned to play. I watched a lot of gameplay and then tried to mimic it.

    16 july 2019 19:56 808

    training and training. that s all

    17 july 2019 05:11 808

    You can download Workshop Maps to training your reaction skill and aim

    17 july 2019 07:47 808

    Watch teaching videos, practice more, be familiar with maps and firearms

    17 july 2019 08:35 808

    play aiming maps

    17 july 2019 17:08 808

    aim_botz, dm and you could try some 1v1 arena

    17 july 2019 17:48 808

    I think that the target should be held at the head level because it is easier to kill opponents

    17 july 2019 17:50 808

    And just practice practice and practice on aim map or reflex map and can be better...

    17 july 2019 17:52 808

    Train and practise. Don't play only mm play deathmatch too.

    17 july 2019 19:43 808

    Aim training maps and 1v1 servers

    18 july 2019 06:30 808

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