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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.59/5) 1189 rates

    How to control recoil and improve aim?

    I am a noob but please help me

    14 july 2019 12:31 808

    About the recoil try drawing the reverse pttern with your mouse after you learn it try doing it with your eyes closed about the aim I advise you to download aim botz(it's a custom map not actual aim bot) from the steam workshop and try spray transfer and headshots on the bots.Hope I helped

    14 july 2019 16:55 808

    Also try to keep your crosshair at the level oyour enemy's head and always go for headshots also consider changing your crosshair.You can do this in crashz' crosshair generator(workshop map ) or in crosshair generator(website)

    14 july 2019 16:59 808

    just keep playing the game and youll get it one day lol

    14 july 2019 17:33 808

    I recommend trying out uLLetical's workshop map on 'Recoil Master'. It shows the recoil patterns with all the guns as well as showing proper spray control by showing you where to aim at the screen. It's really useful even with just using this workshop map for 5 minutes you'll definitely see improvements. Also just like TBHFanboy said to try changing your crosshair to something you would prefer, currently I use the dot crosshair makes it easier for me to hit one taps

    14 july 2019 17:42 808

    there are lots ove vids on youtube you can use to get the patterns of each guns recoil

    16 july 2019 13:26 808

    Download a training map from workshop and start grinding.

    16 july 2019 14:56 808

    dont go full on spraying, just memorize the first 10bullets or so

    17 july 2019 22:31 808

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