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    So I very confused about the registration I had registered about 4 accounts and NONE OF THEM was accepted. I think GH doesen't even get my registration... If you who reading this and did the registration well and completed the first task please write down here in which browser you did and were you recieved the notfication about your correct registration.

    10 july 2019 22:33 2193

    actually i think no one has completed the registration even i tried it on many accounts a even created new emails i think the only way is like when you get rejected from misty by the noti it seems you havent created a new acc you need to create a ticket and write to her i dont recieved the starting notification when i registered they may will accept you task on of my friends got the task completed like that

    11 july 2019 19:43 2193

    Hyper_Beast19 yea I was thinking about to write to Misty but now it is just a bot and it will throw back a message that you haven't registered through this site. I will report the link maybe that will help

    12 july 2019 10:21 2193

    I never play this game

    12 july 2019 11:04 2193

    you need to go the link does not work then it throws me to another site or something

    12 july 2019 15:16 2193

    You have to make sure you verified your email in the account and also that you clicked on Gamehag's link, clicked on the register and put the details and after you created it should be considered as registered through gamehag. If you after that complete the task and it doesn't get accepted contact Misty, that's the best that way that I can help so if you have still problems try emailing [email protected] or asking for help in the discord server.

    15 july 2019 16:53 2193

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