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    Is roblox doing good updates? My thoughts

    They need to look what fans want, Not just update whatever :v

    31 december 2019 06:20 1625

    They have some nice game updates

    11 march 2020 15:53 1625

    About games they are great

    11 march 2020 15:54 1625

    tbh i think roblox messed up deleting tix i mean ik that theyhave to make money but do they care about those who dont pay? how about most of th people of play roblox

    19 march 2020 16:02 1625

    i hate that they removed tix i mean what is the reason

    19 march 2020 16:03 1625

    ROBLOX is good but the thing that I hate about ROBLOX the most in my opinion, the following might not be true but I believe that ROBLOX doesn't really care about their game. Ago three weeks or more, ROBLOX has started having constant downtimes which spread through the whole Europe. Removing tickets was possibly because ROBLOX has started going downhill with their profits (a popular theory) but I believe it was because of players capable of abusing it (if someone joined on your game, you would get 1 tix, 10 tix for BC) which was a popular method of gaining fast robux. ROBLOX has tons of ups and downs but most of the time its either up or down at a time.

    19 march 2020 16:09 1625

    i dont have a suggestion but I am sure that it will be cool

    19 march 2020 16:34 1625

    yep sure

    19 march 2020 17:58 1625

    Ya roblox made a pretty good updates

    21 march 2020 22:39 1625

    the updates are pretty good i think cous nothing really is bad for me.

    23 march 2020 11:57 1625

    I only play jojo game's lol

    24 march 2020 06:14 1625

    yeah the premium is nicer then bc

    24 march 2020 06:32 1625

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