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    Is roblox doing good updates? My thoughts

    I know many people is voting for gems, but you should even read a little bit or vote it good, because some waste alot to write some articles. Also this article is based by my opinion.

    Hello, I've been playing roblox since 2017 and I've seen many many updates. Some are good some are bad. I wanted to talk about my opinion of recent updates and some older.

      I loved events so much, they were best way to get cool hats and wings and other accessories for me. But recently when 2019's egg hunt was going to release, roblox said that this egg hunt was going to be last one. So when it released, I was hyped, because egg hunts are best way to spend time in roblox (grinding is boring). When i got the last egg, I felt that it was alright, but others were so mad and hated it, i know it was low but story was pretty nice touch, because 2018 had just some librarian turning into a bookworm and lost all the eggs. So, back to updates, of course it was sad. They replaced events with Live-Ops thing, that was less successful, than events, but something weird came in June, an event! But it was boring, just a creator challenge. There has been some leaks that there is going to be stranger things event, but I'm not sure that events are going to come back.

     Now to older times, as I heard, there was tix, that was like sub-robux, that you got free daily, I never got tix because i wasn't playing roblox then. But in 2015 (?) roblox removed tix, it was one of the worst removals and updates in roblox. There is one reason for me... money. Yes, it's my theory but why should a game remove free currency. But tix removal made something more effective, Gamehag, iRobux and many other robux earning sites better. People went to there and earned many things and got robux. So was it good for robloxians? No. But for earn-and-claim sites? Yes.


     More removals. I don't know when, but roblox removed guests, they were for me like, meh, but they were like demo-ish roblox. Its a short thing to talk about but it was an update.


      Let's go to present now. Some theories and leaks have been found recently, that builders club is going to be removed and replaced with premium. I don't know about that, because I can't pay for subscriptions.


      Now about friendship. Some of you may know website chat in roblox. You can make groups with your friends, but did you know that there were parties? Yes, they were best way to go into some servers, that aren't full. I personally liked them but I don't know about others.


      I've heard that limiteds are removed, but I don't care, because I never got any.


      Worst one is last... *drums intensify* ... anthro/rthro. So this is one of the worst updates since they look ugly, but not all, some of them are good too. I personally use only classic blocky avatar.


    I don't know and remember any more updates, but summary for roblox updates is... bad. I like roblox but updates... meh.

    3 july 2019 12:15 1625

    emm... i love roblox no nice forum

    14 september 2019 16:14 1625

    TSY & Farhad Mahdavi feat. Angel Falls - In Your Eyes

    14 september 2019 16:51 1625

    ye they are doing good updates

    14 september 2019 20:18 1625

    roblox updates sometimes brake some games but i still like it

    14 september 2019 22:04 1625

    i don't like the new updates in roblox

    14 september 2019 22:06 1625

    some updates are good... some updates are horrible...

    14 september 2019 22:11 1625

    Roblox jailbreak is cool I love it the new stores and weapons its the best!! ;D

    15 september 2019 01:33 1625

    played it when i was a kid but do not now so i don't really know

    15 september 2019 01:34 1625

    Roblox had died down but I still play it.

    15 september 2019 03:51 1625

    I prefer minecraft

    15 september 2019 03:58 1625

    Roblox has been getting ruined for a long while now.

    15 september 2019 12:33 1625

    nope it don't make good updates so far

    15 september 2019 20:06 1625

    Roblox updates are ok. Some of them are bad, but some of them are good, ROBLOX has kinda started doing better updates.

    16 september 2019 19:16 1625

    In my opinion roblex is roblex the real updates is in the games

    17 september 2019 13:19 1625

    I think yes, some things I don't like, but generaly It is ok

    18 september 2019 11:39 1625

    Roblix is good

    16 october 2019 17:38 1625

    Roblox isn't doing bad, tix removal was because roblox ran low on money and money means updates

    17 october 2019 15:21 1625

    So i give roblox an 9/10 because i find it an really good gsme

    17 october 2019 15:21 1625

    Roblox jailbreak is cool I love it the new stores and weapons its the best!! ;D

    17 october 2019 18:14 1625

    Roblox aren't making good updates anymore but atleast they are making any

    6 november 2019 17:02 1625

    so very exciting update

    9 november 2019 05:20 1625

    Hmm yeah I do think so that they're making good updates

    9 november 2019 12:49 1625

    ROBLOX has clearly made some bad decisions. But it looks like they are planning on some nice new features. Example, UGC is such a good thing and such a desired thing. Glad they implemented it. I'd give roblox an overall 9/10.

    9 november 2019 13:01 1625

    Yes, same

    9 november 2019 13:21 1625

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