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    What is your favorite choice support champ at low rank?

    I'm not good at this game and have a low rank so I only play support, spent sometimes with thresh and blitzcrank before and now I want to play a new champ, what is your advice?

    1 july 2019 15:40 77

    I recommend you to play Sona because you don't even need to have skill at the game to play with her, she is TOO easy. I am pretty sure you will like her😉.

    7 july 2019 20:07 77

    i would of say Yummi because she is so great in keeping ally champions alive and have a good damage bonus that you add to your adc and then you ccan dominate early game
    with her Q pokes

    16 july 2019 08:12 77

    Alistar is the best choice! 🐂

    16 july 2019 17:16 77

    The best support is lux because she can do a lot of damage

    16 july 2019 17:30 77

    Lux and veigar, theyre good because theyre ranged, do a lot of damage and are perfect for new users.

    16 july 2019 19:35 77

    i mean, there are people who think theyre hard, but i main lux and i think both of them are easy! (Unnamedceell EUNE support main, add me :D)

    16 july 2019 19:36 77

    I usually play Sona, Veigar and Lux as supports.

    17 july 2019 14:14 77

    Blitzcrank is probably the easiest champion that can make really important plays. He can cc one champion while his teammates do damage for 3 seconds with his Q > E > R combo.

    24 july 2019 14:26 77

    i like orianna

    24 july 2019 18:32 77

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