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    What is your favorite choice support champ at low rank?

    I'm not good at this game and have a low rank so I only play support, spent sometimes with thresh and blitzcrank before and now I want to play a new champ, what is your advice?

    1 july 2019 15:40 77

    I recommend you to play Sona because you don't even need to have skill at the game to play with her, she is TOO easy. I am pretty sure you will like her😉.

    7 july 2019 20:07 77

    Garen. It's very easy to play and has 0 skillshots.

    8 july 2019 08:32 77

    The sad truth about supp roll is that ppl dont relize how important it is. Most of us play supp just when we get auto fill and feed and blame it on adc or jg because we dont understand the roll

    8 july 2019 09:14 77

    i would of say Yummi because she is so great in keeping ally champions alive and have a good damage bonus that you add to your adc and then you ccan dominate early game
    with her Q pokes

    16 july 2019 08:12 77

    Alistar is the best choice! 🐂

    16 july 2019 17:16 77

    The best support is lux because she can do a lot of damage

    16 july 2019 17:30 77

    Lux and veigar, theyre good because theyre ranged, do a lot of damage and are perfect for new users.

    16 july 2019 19:35 77

    i mean, there are people who think theyre hard, but i main lux and i think both of them are easy! (Unnamedceell EUNE support main, add me :D)

    16 july 2019 19:36 77

    I usually play Sona, Veigar and Lux as supports.

    17 july 2019 14:14 77

    sona nami and janna

    18 july 2019 22:25 77

    Blitzcrank is probably the easiest champion that can make really important plays. He can cc one champion while his teammates do damage for 3 seconds with his Q > E > R combo.

    24 july 2019 14:26 77

    i like orianna

    24 july 2019 18:32 77

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