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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1542 rates

    why are skins for guns so expensive

    why are skins for most guns in CS:GO so expensive

    15 june 2019 09:49 808

    well if it is wanted by the whole community then prices go up as there is a finite amount

    30 june 2019 01:38 808

    But if they are exprnsive why we buy them. Man gamehag help you to dont buy skins for csgo for real money

    1 july 2019 00:13 808

    so many people want them ,and only few of them can get a knife.

    7 july 2019 09:02 808

    there are tons of 3 cent skins

    7 july 2019 15:04 808

    Atmost times the market is driven by how much the community enjoys the look of the skin but there are at sometimes where the rarity of the gun puts a huge factor on the price, for example, Ak-47 fire serpent goes well over $1000 but the main factor for this is because the case from which this skin comes from is in limited in stock as of right now, and its the covert rifle in that specific case which raises the price by alot. But there are plenty of skins right now that are at a fairly cheap price, for example, AWP Atheris (I personally enjoy the look of this skin) goes for about 5usd for field-tested, if you get the lower float value the better!

    8 july 2019 17:43 808

    some of them are rare and some people are stupid enough to pay that much

    17 july 2019 22:35 808

    I agree, rarity and demand go hand in hand with the value of certain skins.

    17 july 2019 23:34 808

    It is becouse the skin cases are expensive too..

    17 july 2019 23:44 808

    hahaha if they are usually something expensive the skins

    25 july 2019 01:38 808

    They look cool and thats basically all it is. The more expensive the better the look.

    25 july 2019 05:18 808

    There are cheap skins dude

    25 july 2019 11:40 808

    game became free to play ------> more player, and chinese buyers are increasing the price too

    26 july 2019 21:13 808

    h pieles baratas pero las mejores estan caritas

    26 july 2019 21:49 808

    CS:GO one of the most popular FPS game

    27 july 2019 17:33 808

    I guess it's because they gotta make money somehow. But the skins don't really change the gameplay, do they?

    28 july 2019 02:40 808

    they need money as cs go is now free on steam

    28 july 2019 04:11 808

    i dont know ask valve why lul

    28 july 2019 04:32 808

    This is how business works in real life:

    More people own it = Lower price
    Fewer people own it = Higher price

    That's because nobody will buy 100€ skin if they can buy it for 1€. But if just 1 person owns the skin you either pay 100€ or you don't have it. Now there are 99 more people who have the same skin. They sell it for 50€. So nobody will buy yours for 100€ if they can buy it for 50€. You want to sell the skin so you lower your price to 40€. And it goes on and on.

    28 july 2019 22:36 808

    because if all of them would be available for cheap, there won't be sense to buy them at all

    31 july 2019 13:53 808

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