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    Wrong code Steam

    Yesterday I participated in the giveaway game SILVER LIONS 1000, finished all task and receive a steam code. But this code error. Normal steam code has 3 rows of characters, but the code I received has 6. I tried many ways but still wrong. Please help me. I chat with Misty but she can't help :(

    11 june 2019 06:44 1628

    Well, it isn't a steam DLC key. It is a game key which you need to use on Warthunder. Go to the homepage and enter the code and enjoy

    11 june 2019 07:17 1628

    "Your code, which you can claim on the Steam platform "
    Thank u, I did not read it carefully, i think it a code for steam game :D

    11 june 2019 08:00 1628

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