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    Who want to play with me csgo

    I search for two csgo players who speak english and has gold nova 2 or a better rank

    9 june 2019 07:15 1628

    It is recommended that you create a thread regarding this topic in the game discussions section, you can see a COUNTERSTRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE section wherein other users may discuss with you regarding this topic.

    Also, I checked your forum activity, please don't create duplicate threads and pointless close-ended comments as it may be regarded as spam and may result to your experience loss or possible forum baniment.

    If you're gonna argue that you're not spamming, then you may check this thread - https://gamehag.com/forum/t/53175-earn-soul-gems-from-reporting-spam-comments

    9 june 2019 08:49 1628

    thanks a lot galahad

    9 june 2019 14:54 1628

    Follow what IIGalahadII said or you can use this forum too: https://gamehag.com/forum/looking-for-a-team

    9 june 2019 18:44 1628

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