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    Why do my exp bar goes down???

    Lsat day my exp was 41% but now its just 30%why???

    2 june 2019 16:55 1628

    It will be going down a lot more soon enough considering you are spamming everywhere. Each spam comment/thread = -10xp

    2 june 2019 17:02 1628

    In addition to what @Bjobjokke said, you might be temporarily banned for that considering the amount of spam threads and comments you have created, please be ready for your penalty and don't complain any further since you already know what you did that caused that certain penalty, complaining more will have you lose more than you gain.

    Please read the rules first before doing anything. Here are more details regarding penalties for spamming and what is considered a spam - https://gamehag.com/forum/t/53175-earn-soul-gems-from-reporting-spam-comments

    3 june 2019 07:04 1628

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