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    Is the article page bugged?

    I'm trying to comment and vote at the same time, but every time I clicked on the "Start" button or the text field to comment I'll always be directed to my profile page instead. Does this normally happen or does this have anything to do with connection issues?
    EDIT: it won't redirect me to the profile page, but the latest page I visited before going to the article page.

    2 june 2019 09:44 1628

    I have the same problem with voting section + I have just a new problem with article sending, I just sent an article and I waited for the result but it has been rejected as spam, I checked it from the app and saw no comments also no rates! I am sure nobody checked that I sent it again and there is still no results, I talked to @myStery24 to find a solution, can any one guess what is wrong with system?

    2 june 2019 10:36 1628

    Possibly it is bugged. I'm being redirected to the article's main page during the voting process. GIF: https://gyazo.com/8fa14190b622b6c4b0ec053bb83b2dbc

    Edit: I just wrote to Misty about the issue.

    2 june 2019 11:11 1628

    i can vote article except for mirakel_jensen article idk why but his article is broken

    2 june 2019 12:07 1628

    @myStery24 from the link you give and gagt's experience along with mine, I think that person's article is causing the bug somehow. If I hover the mouse somewhere around the "Start" button or the text field, the helper message will show some HTML codes.

    2 june 2019 12:56 1628

    I tried to vote today but each time i click vote button it refresh the page i hope they fix it soon

    2 june 2019 13:15 1628

    I can vote to any artciles but there is that article that i cant vote on and its not written in English

    2 june 2019 15:24 1628

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