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    Settings for csgo

    Always lag at main menu,screen froze during matchmaking. Then,when enter a match ,the character will move forward uncommandedly or lag hard.What should I do? CPU: intel i3-4030u GPU: Nvidia geforce 820m Ram :6gb

    1 june 2019 05:03 808

    Also wifi is 30mbps

    1 june 2019 05:08 808

    Bro dont play cs go or any other fps multiplayer on wifi. Of course you are going to lag no matter what pc you have .

    2 june 2019 02:06 808

    I am running it on PC with all specs lower then yours. It must be WiFi problem i think. If there is a way to try it with internet cable, do so and let me know if that helped.

    23 june 2019 02:18 808

    Also my all settings are on minimum (except distance), If that helps

    23 june 2019 02:19 808

    What is your resolution

    23 june 2019 02:46 808

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