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    i did not get my skin!

    i ordered a csgo skin and it will be almost a month and still i did not get it while it says 24 hours

    28 may 2019 21:32 1628

    Contact Support, sure they will be able to assist you

    28 may 2019 21:45 1628

    has it been 24 hours

    28 may 2019 22:18 1628

    if not then contact the support team

    28 may 2019 22:18 1628

    yes its been 3 weeks

    28 may 2019 22:46 1628

    Try contacting Misty about the problem.

    29 may 2019 02:18 1628

    Please note that 30 days is the maximum waiting time for a CSGO skin to arrive to your steam account, and it's still 'almost a month', please be patient, it'll come, else, gamehag will give you a refund for it. It's frustrating and contacting support/misty won't really be the solution for it. They would just tell you to wait and be patient.

    In addition, that '24 hours' thing is just an estimation to your needed waiting time,it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll receive it after 24 hours, please search for other threads that cover this topic, you'll learn more and actually see that plenty of people have experienced this kind of problem.

    29 may 2019 03:51 1628

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