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    i can't get my first reward ''Play 3 fights''

    When i have done 3 fights on ''World At Warship'' i typed in my in game username and it says that i need to make another account what i already have done. Can someone please help me?

    4 june 2017 17:59 89

    yep, the same problem, but I see before myself. You have to create an account through Gamehag.😡😡😡

    7 june 2017 22:50 89

    Same here :( have any of you tried to contact gamehag via. their page contact us?
    I'm waiting for an answer from them about this isue.

    24 july 2017 15:20 89

    I did I asked misty but she didnt answered yet.. I hope she will ttomorrow and I'll tell if she does :)

    29 july 2017 22:42 89

    ahh its about the wot( world of tanks)

    29 july 2017 22:46 89

    Anyone found a solution?

    12 august 2017 05:59 89

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