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    Roblox Roleplayers..

    What do we think about them?

    25 may 2019 22:05 2173

    I'm talking about the kids in games like "Raise a kid"

    25 may 2019 22:06 2173

    I feel like these roleplayers are oders, so on and so forth. But they must be younger without knowing they could be facing a stranger, or a pedofile. It's so easy to be a noob and online date. Ro bangers could count as roleplayers in some sort of form..

    25 may 2019 22:42 2173

    Even in normal roleplay people don't listen to you or others ruin it 😢

    26 may 2019 12:02 2173

    roblox is good game

    26 may 2019 13:09 2173

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