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    this game is ... dead?

    I was playng roblox many years and this year i was wondering if this game will die soon and yea it is dead now cause of unavible robux in robux shop

    24 may 2019 19:33 2173

    Huh ? who told u that

    25 may 2019 11:41 2173

    What? I don't understand this

    25 may 2019 19:25 2173

    Who told you this? This game has thousands of players online anyday. I dont think its inactive but I feel like the og roblox players are gone for good due to facing these oders. Oders ruin the whole game and the og roblox players have either quit from age or them, also trolls are confusing. but at the same time the game gets boring the older you get.

    25 may 2019 22:45 2173

    It's still going on because it is, yes becoming worse and worse, but most importantly it's an addictive game

    26 may 2019 12:05 2173

    roblox is awesome and its not dead, dead games are apex and fortnite, I hate them....

    9 july 2019 21:01 2173

    roblox is still popular

    10 july 2019 15:45 2173

    Roblox is still popping fam. There isn't really much wrong with the game or it to die now

    10 july 2019 23:13 2173

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