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    I am League of Legends player who is currently in Diamond ELO I have about 4 years experience and i would like to share it with you all. If you have any questions just comment down bellow.

    3 june 2017 21:02 77

    You should probably main 2 or 3 champions to get better at the game siztap. Other than that its not much help i can give you with the little information you have given.

    5 june 2017 21:32 77

    Do u think a certain time of the day improve your game,or more importantly for the low elo, what do u do with a team who 's very toxic and wont listen to you for a second or trying to follow objectives,looking forward for an aswer,Thank you

    25 june 2017 00:00 77


    25 july 2017 17:06 77

    If you want to get out of bronze or silver you have to main atleast 2 champions which ones could be taken to 2 different lanes. Allso you have to play normals if you are struggling with cs or map awareness there is more important thing that most of the people are greedy of kills that a huge problem allso so if its getting away dont chase and dont dive just leave it and get back to farming cs becouse cs is more inportant than kills allso assists are good too if you playing like quinn top or jungl becouse she has a huge mobility she can roam from mid to bot. Tip: If you are roaming other lanes make sure you pushed your lane all the way to the enemys tower. ;) gl guys hf.

    10 september 2017 12:39 77

    Buy skins. It's a pay to win game.

    11 september 2017 21:25 77

    1. Do NOT become a one-trick-pony. It may seem like a good idea, and yes, in a few ways it is, but it's best off to have one or two champions that you're incredibly comfortable with. You should be comfortable with having the ability to play numerous champions with similar kits, in case of your champion being banned or picked by another. Sometimes it's better to be a meta-slave, sometimes it's not. Play with who you are the most comfortable with and who you like the most rather than what everyone else is playing (unless you like doing that)

    27 september 2018 01:59 77

    Rather than trying to spend money on RP to get skins and such, I'd say test your luck in chests. It's more difficult, yes, but it's still free, and you lose no money if your account gets banned. You can also grind gems for some RP on Gamehag.

    27 september 2018 02:00 77

    #Tevy you are absolutlely right.. i stuck like a glue on a one champion and that cost me a lot later when i start to play with other champions. Was using Ashe and Mordekaise...

    28 september 2018 15:43 77

    20000000iq coments but iam not here

    19 november 2018 11:17 77

    best tactic is watching tournoments and playing meta champs

    15 july 2019 11:38 77

    dont spend a lot of time on t he game cos u will regret it (:

    15 july 2019 13:16 77

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