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    ranking up

    do you guys have any tips on how to improve aim and rank?

    22 may 2019 15:34 808

    Watch how pro players play, try to learn smokes and flashes, get familiar with the map and try to know which angles to hold and peek and also download some aim guide mods thingy to help with the aim

    15 june 2019 15:40 808

    If you are 0-6 Losing There is always a Chance To win Don't RAGE QUIT
    Just talk with your teammates Tell them we will win I Believe in guys .
    Fix your Mic ,The only the loser here is you Your Teammates Don't deserve to hear you screaming
    you will stop them from sounding (knowing the position of a Enemy From Sounds)

    16 june 2019 01:22 808

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