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    Game hag skin prizes

    Is there any way to select what condition the skin will be?

    15 may 2019 19:13 1628

    not sure what you mean. but i dont think so

    15 may 2019 20:20 1628

    Unfortunately, gamehag doesn't tell you what condition your skin would be. As you may have seen in the rewards section, there's no skin condition whatsover, by condition, I mean - Factory New, Minimal Wear and etc. (Guess you know that already but this is also for other users). When you purchase a skin, you only purchase it without knowing the actual presentation of the reward. The only time you will know the condition of the reward is when you receive it. In addition, if the condition of the reward doesn't satisfy your wants, then you may contact support through this e-mail - [email protected] , goodluck!

    15 may 2019 21:45 1628

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