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    Do you think fortnite will die after the world cup?

    As you guys know, Epic games hosting 100,000,000$ Tournament, which pretty much everyone can take a part and play and show their skill, and if they do good enough, they can get some really nice amount of money, anyway my question is if u guys think that fortnite will die after the WC and most of the players will move to another game, lemme know ur opinion, thanks :)

    14 may 2019 20:18 2830

    I think Fortnite will die after the World Cup because there will be different games that will top Fortnite and probably in season 10 it will die or something

    15 may 2019 00:42 2830

    it won't "die" anytime soon. like for example minecraft and roblox has been on the block for quite a few years now and people still play it. fortnite falls in the same category. it won't go away soon.

    16 may 2019 12:46 2830

    no,i dont think so

    25 may 2019 00:23 2830

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