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    Rate this article "Valorant-The 3 strongest agents in the game!"

    (4.26/5) 104 rates
    SoulMortal45, 6 june 2020 12:56

    Valorant-The 3 strongest agents in the game!

    Hey guys,these days the hype is all about Riot Game's latest tactical FPS shooter on the block-Valorant. This game combines the elements of games like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege,and literally has players going crazy! Several professional players like Ninja,Shroud,etc. have given superbly positive reviews of the game.So this article is an in-depth review of the 3 most powerful agents in Valorant and will help you choose the best one for yourself.I have given detailed information on each agent and have also given my personal opinion.

    So let's not waste any more time and dive right into the article!

    No.3 Sage-

    Sage is a support character,making her the backbone of the team.Sage is perfect for people who love to carry out coordinated attacks.She can be used to stop pushes when her team is vulnerable,or wipe out the opponent team at key moments.Sage prefers to be around choke points or highly contested areas on both offense and defense.


     Ability Review-

    • Sage’s Barrier Orb ability allows the team to engage or disengage fights by summoning a wall out of nowhere.This ability allows you to boost yourself and your teammates over obstacles.
    • Her freeze orb ability covers an area with ice that slows down any player on it.She can completely stop any pushes using this ability at several entryways.
    • Her most prominent ability is the healing orb ability,which allows her to completely heal herself,or any teammate who has taken damage.


     Ultimate Ability Review-

    • You know what’s even better than being able to heal anyone on the team?Being able to revive anyone on the team!Yes,that’s right-Sage’s ultimate ability is Resurrection which can bring a fallen teammate back to 100 HP!


    Final Thoughts-

    If you’re someone who likes to make calls and communicate while healing,and love to support your team,then Sage might just be the agent for you.


    No.2 Jett-

    If mobility is your greatest desire,then look no further than this South-Korean powerhouse.If you love to make aggressive plays on both the attacking and defending sides,then Jett might be your new favourite agent.


     Ability Review-

    • Jett’s Cloudburst is a tactical ability that allows her to place smokes for a short duration.The factor that makes this ability unique is that these smokes actually follow the crosshair,providing mobile and handy cover.
    • Jett’s tailwind ability instantaneously propels her towards the direction her cross-hair is,making it easy to get out of tough spots.
    • Jett’s updraft ability is another great movement tool with some unfortunate downsides.Updraft propels Jett upward and allows her to get into a lot of angles other agents could’nt dream up.


     Ultimate Ability Review-

    • Apparently,Jett’s wind magic lets her levitate five knives,and throw them extremely accurately at enemies(this ability looks really cool).When combined with Updraft or Tailwind,she turns into a lean-mean killing machine!

     Final Thoughts-

    Overall,Jett is for aggressive-minded solo carriers that can make plays on their own. Jett is not at all team-oriented,so if you like supporting your team,I suggest you pick another agent.


    No.1 Omen-


    If you’ve ever wanted to outsmart and outplay your enemies,then Omen has just the tools for you.Omen is Valorant’s resident agent of,deception,allowing him to make both offensive and defensive plays.Omen has a true mix of abilities with some being movement-focused,and some being utility-focused.


     Ability Review-

    • Using Shrouded step,Omen can move horizontally and vertically to any point on the map close to him.This is extremely handy for close combat and feels somewhat similar to Jett’s tailwind.
    • Paranoia allows Omen to throw a projectile at any player to instantly deprive him of sight and hearing.I have found this ability to be extremely useful to clear out choke-points and to go around corners.
    • Omen’s Dark Shroud is another ability that allows him to throw a projectile which summons a swirling smoke.The best thing about this ability is the fact that you can actually throw it through walls.


     Ultimate Ability Review-

    • Omen’s ultimate(From The Shadows)is one of his more movement-focused abilities, allowing him to teleport anywhere on the map.But this is where being a master of deception comes handy,as there are almost infinite ways of using this ability effectively. Even faking your ultimate by teleporting a few feet away has its benefits.


    Final Thoughts-

    If you are a person that likes to always have your enemies on edge and keep them guessing where you’re coming from,then Omen is the perfect agent for you!

    Note-Hope you guys liked the article and please give any suggestions in the comments section.




    Rate this article Valorant-The 3 strongest agents in the game!

    (4.26/5) 104 rates


    Great job. I love the game. You get a minute of silence for this masterpiece.

    13 december 2020 19:40

    Sage for healing , Jett for damaging but Viper is better than Omen

    31 august 2021 12:27

    very cool games and articlea i lkeat i hlpth you nices

    23 april 2021 11:49

    Nice Article! Very Informative.

    26 june 2021 18:21

    Nice article great work.

    16 june 2021 16:37


    7 june 2020 07:35

    10/10 mate!

    7 june 2020 03:13

    I love these games in terms of professionalism and the creativity is really unique✌

    10 april 2021 03:21

    act 3 best agent rn is Yoru,Reyna,Brimstone

    1 february 2021 01:14

    Alright, you deserve a round of applause, good job!

    7 june 2020 04:42