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    (4.35/5) 66 rates
    Misty, 17 july 2019 14:37

    Review: Slide!!

    Slide!! is a casual puzzle game on Steam, developed and published by Red Chain Games Ltd.

    Game fact: Slider(s) is known as the coloured block(s).


    Test your problem-solving skills, simply slide the coloured blocks to their corresponding goals - at the moment I saw it, I knew it was going to be a mind-consuming game. Hopefully, I can at least complete the stages in easy levels.


    In this game, you are required to slide (move) the coloured blocks to their respective colour-checkered tiles. Sounds easy? Well, the goal of this game is noticeably straightforward, however, in order to earn all of the 3 stars in each level, you have to complete the puzzle within the targeted moves and times. You can always retry the level to earn the star(s) you have missed, nonetheless, I found it is frustrating to get the "Target Time" star. Furthermore, the timer starts to run once you start a level, even though I haven't move any blocks yet.

    About the controls, it is simple. To make a coloured block move, click on it and then slide it to the direction you want it to go. Take note that you can only slide the boxes vertically or horizontally and, the moving block will not stop unless it hits on another moving/ non-moving block or the outer wall. One of the examples is, if two moving blocks hit face-on, they bounce back. These examples are parts of the tutorial, check them out before proceeding to the difficulty-based level.

    Last but not least, I'd like to give a thumbs up to the integration of Turbo Mode. With this Turbo mode, I don't have to wait for the blocks sliding in an ultimately slow-paced.

    Levels & Difficulty

    To date, Slide!! has a total of 100 levels, including its tutorials (10), difficulty-based levels (70) and the bonus levels (15). The first 10 levels are classified as tutorials, then, followed by 25 stages per difficulty (easy, medium, hard). In order to unlock the next level, you have to complete each of them in sequence. For example, you have to start playing from the easiest level to medium and finally, hard, instead of choosing the stages or levels you want to challenge. If you manage to do all of that, you’ll unlock an extra of 15 bonus levels.

    As you progress to a higher level, it will become more challenging. Thus, I recommend starting with the tutorials as it will give you a basic idea of this game.

    Graphics & Sound

    Nothing much to say about the graphics, as a whole, it is neat and well-presented. Apart from the graphics, the nature background music fits the game, peaceful and relaxing.


    + Simple game design and graphics

    + Incredibly challenging as you progress

    + Level editor

    - Could have better controls on moving the blocks

    - No trading cards

    In conclusion, Slide!! is a pretty good puzzle-solving game, I recommend this to puzzle game enthusiasts. I managed to play until Medium 03 in my first playthrough and unlocked 6 Steam achievements. If you are looking for a time-killing game, why not consider this one? The recent new update features a built-in level editor. Unleash your creativity! Create your own levels, edit and upload them to the Steam Workshop. Do you have any thoughts on this game? Let me know in the comments.

    Rating: 6.5/10

    Steam Store: Slide!!

    Review written by our moderator: myStery24

    Rate this article Review: Slide!!

    (4.35/5) 66 rates


    nice game btw i play it and its hella cool

    22 november 2021 13:08

    cool article thanks it looks good :)

    2 november 2021 08:50

    Yeah i thought it was a minecraft map when i saw the picture lol

    21 october 2021 06:47

    looks like a really cool "retro" styled game

    25 february 2020 03:32

    Nice article a good retro game lokks some what like minecraft for me.

    5 october 2021 08:37