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    (4.27/5) 84 rates
    Misty, 3 june 2019 12:58

    Rainbow Hunter - review

    In every culture there are legends and fairy tales that are passed down from generation to generation. One of them is Leprechaun, a dwarf who lives in Ireland according to mythology. It is a low-figure character, dressed in green, with a beard and often seen smoking a pipe. Game developers often get ideas from fairy tales, legends, mythology and that's how Colossus Game Studio created and produced Rainbow Hunter.


    The game begins with a short movie clip that presents our main character. He is a small boy who loves Irish culture, which is indicated by numerous drawings and bedding strictly referring to the aforementioned dwarf. Seemingly the game seems banal, because our task is to reach the end of the rainbow, collecting useful items along the way. Sounds simple? Starting the first level shows the difficulty of the entire game.

    Control and rules

    In the game, we move through the keyboard moving around each colour of the rainbow. As it is commonly known, there are seven of them, so we have to master the same number of buttons. Rainbow Hunter involves almost all of our fingers, which is really difficult to grasp at first. Of course, only the first and last button can be used to successfully move around the rainbow, but what if we have to stop in a particular field?

    The game also has obstacles in the form of rocks and shrubs that effectively prevent us from winning. In addition, there are bonuses such as: Leprechaun - catching him lets us finish the level. We can lose him when our character goes through the bushes. If you reach the end of a rainbow without a leprechaun, there will be a big rock instead of a mountain of gold. Cage - taking it allows us to close the dwarf, which means that it will not disappear when our character goes through the bushes. Goblet shoes - allow us to double the number of points collected, which grow when our character catches coins. Fairy - creates a hologram of our character, which moves and collects points for us.


    The game is based on a system of levels that are initially covered with fog and become visible with each completed level.

    Rainbow Hunter also creates competition between players through the built-in ranking. This encourages the player to improve his score to show who really rules here. Being in the first place is so difficult, because on every colour of the rainbow coins are scattered, the collection of which is hampered by ubiquitous obstacles.

    General impressions

    The game definitely appealed to me because the gameplay is short, dynamic, and most importantly - it improves reflexes and speed of decision-making. Music playing in the background is very positive and atmospheric, but also does not distract the player. The landscape in the game varies depending on the level, which prevents monotony. The game runs smoothly, has low requirements and a nice graphics. I was charmed by the fact that despite simple rules, it is extremely difficult due to the requirement of divisibility of attention to see this:

    The game was created less than a month ago and is currently available on the Steam platform. Have you played this game? What were your impressions? Let me know in the comments!

    Review created by our moderator: KappaHype

    Rate this article Rainbow Hunter - review

    (4.27/5) 84 rates


    its a coool game thanks for thhis good article

    10 march 2020 08:10

    Pretty good game, I will check it after completing rank 2 😅

    29 march 2020 13:59

    This game is nice

    15 february 2021 23:56

    i agre for noobs this is gold

    15 april 2021 17:39

    This article is pretty good, however I would make a few edits to the opening paragragraph. Change a bit of the pronouns. Say, "One of them is the Leprechaun." and say "They are low-figure characters." Other than that, it's good. Nice job!🙃😀😄💯💯

    23 may 2020 18:22

    That's cool ngl

    15 february 2021 15:27

    Game looks nice.

    6 june 2019 00:34

    This article is pretty amazing

    15 june 2019 10:43

    хі забавна 😜😀

    7 april 2021 08:32

    good for newbee, coz they can learn from this article..

    8 june 2019 18:06