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    Misty, 30 july 2018 13:58

    How to get amazing CS:GO skins?

    There are some kinds of skins that just every CS:GO player wants to have. It’s no secret that the most popular are AK-47’s, M4A4’s, AWP’s, and of course, knives! Good news is that those skins, among many others, are available on Gamehag for free. “Free CS:GO skins” sounds impossible, but it’s a real thing here...

    Obviously, there are some tasks you need to complete in order to exchange your Soul Gems into skins, but it always pays out. The best CS:GO skins are usually very expensive, and close to impossible to get in-game.

    Luckily, the price of a skin doesn’t always go together with the thing that is the most important in it - its looks. However, the best looking CS:GO skins are often hard to find - there are thousands of skins out there, so searching through them all might be time-consuming and a little exhausting.

    This is why we’ve decided to do the research for you. We’ve picked some low-budget options, as well as few more pricey, but prestigious ones.

    We present you the list of (in our opinion) the best CS:GO skins!


    Starting with the CT primary weapon M4A4, our first pick is a good old M4A4 | Bullet Rain.

    Bullet Rain’s prices heavily depends on its exterior. You can get one for yourself for around 7$ (battle-scarred, well-worn), all the way up to over 100$ for StatTrak factory new ones.

    You may also try your luck and open some eSports 2014 Summer Cases. If you have some Soul Stones, check the Gamehag Rewards section, CS:GO skins. There is a decent chance that M4A1-S | Bullet Rain will be there!

    Moving on to some more expensive, “flashy” skins, we’ve got the M4A4 | Howl.

    This one is certainly not so easy to get. The price of this skin on trading sites and Steam Market sits between 900$ and 3000$. This is without a doubt one of the most desired CS:GO skins ever made.

    Originally it was obtainable from cases, but it has been removed from them some time ago. Most likely this is the reason why M4A4 | Howl is so expensive - this, and its unique design.


    Let’s switch sides and check out some terrorists weapons. Every CS:GO player has to master firing AK-47, as it is terrorists best choice for an AR.

    AK-47 | Frontside Misty is Misty’s weapon of choice in CS:GO, so it just has to be an auto-include in this set.

    Misty’s favorite AR is somewhat reasonably priced (7$-35$). What’s more important, you can get it for free as a reward exchangeable for Soul Stones on Gamehag - we usually have a few on the stock. AK-47 | Frontside Misty may also be found in Shadow Cases.

    If you are looking for a nice, popular AK-47, that most likely won’t lose too much of it’s value anytime soon, you should consider getting yourself a AK-47 | Vulcan.

    Since it was introduced in May 2014 AK-47 | Vulcan has been constantly very popular. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone - it has a nice futuristic design, very different from most of the other CS:GO skins.

    If this seems like a nice fit for you, try your luck opening some Huntsman Weapon Cases, or search for it on CS:GO trading sites.

    Don’t forget to check its availability in our Rewards offer!


    Let’s move on to a large caliber. AWP | Asiimov may not be the best choice for camouflage, but surely is really spectacular.

    Running around with an orange sniper rifle may be the best way to get spotted through the smoke and taken down, so AWP | Asiimov seems like a pick for really confident and “careless” snipers. But it doesn’t really matter!

    If your goal is to get all of the CS:GO skins from cases, that’s just not going to happen. If you still want to try, then get yourself a Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, and try your luck with Asiimov.

    This ranking couldn’t exist without the undisputed leader of sniper rifles - AWP | Dragon Lore.

    This may seem like a really lazy pick, but the truth is that Dragon Lore is a true icon of CS:GO. Enough to mention its price - Souvenir Dragon Lore may cost up to 7000 $. Seeing it in action is a very rare picture - most of the owners are too afraid to lose the float on it. Besides trading, AWP | Dragon Lore is almost impossible to get.


    Here is what excites CS:GO players the most - knives! Karambit | Case Hardened, Bowie Knife | Crimson Web, and many, many others are being traded for many thousands of dollars. We all know that story, so let’s take a look on some cheaper, but not necessarily worse skins.

    ★Bayonet | Scorched is one of the cheapest knives available on trading sites and Steam Market.

    One would think that the foregoing picture is in poor resolution, but this is just the knife’s texture. It gives the knife that kind of a rusty look, that some love and others hate. Overall, this is a really nice cosmetic piece of equipment, for a reasonable price.

    If you are looking to get yourself a knife for a good price, or for free, just using your Soul Gems, then check out the knives we’ve got for your in the Rewards section.

    The last CS:GO skin on this list is ★Gut Knife | Safari Mesh.

    This knife, apart from ★ Shadow Daggers, may be the cheapest close combat weapon skin in CS:GO. It makes the Safari Mesh one of the most popular knives. This is certainly a great choice for a gamer that wants to have a knife, but not for the price of a small car.


    Having a cool CS:GO skin as your primary weapon or an great AWP skin feels really nice, but getting to use it in-game is not guaranteed in every single round. On many occasions, a player has to rely on the cheapest alternative - handguns.

    Five-SeveN | Case Hardened must be the honorable mention on this list because of its popularity among all types of CS:GO players. The most interesting thing about this skin is that it could be bought for 700$ as well as just for 2$. A pattern determines the price of the Five-SeveN | Case Hardened to a higher degree than its exterior! This means that some Factory New Five-SeveNs are many times cheaper than Field-Tested or Battle-Scarred ones, which is a rare and unusual situation.

    Rate this article How to get amazing CS:GO skins?

    (4.49/5) 188 rates

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