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    Ask your questions here! ~ Part 1

    Hello, @masculinium!

    I guess I have an explanation, but since I didn't encounter such issues, I cannot tell to what extent my interpretations could be right.

    So, this is a bug that occurs when you haven't collected the necessary amount of soul gems(3k SG in this case).

    About the appearance of the "Open Chest" button; that's because the system itself is a little bit messed up. You cannot open the chest because some methods of earning don't count.

    However, if you know users that are encountering the same issue, then please, give me their nicknames, so I can report this bug again if the entire situation becomes more problematic.

    In conclusion, I won't report this bug again because such cases are common, and the thing that causes them is the insufficient amount of soul gems collected.

    Best regards,

    2 august 2020 19:53 8411

    Howdy, @pd721!

    Listen, I guess I wasn't the person who verified your article.
    However, there's something which you have to keep in mind.
    The entire Gamehag Moderation Team has a good reason for the disapproval/approval of articles.

    In such cases, it's correct to double-check if you are mistaken or not because we don't reject articles only because we want to. Each article we verify is verified manually, and we are 100% sure in our actions.

    I'd advise you to take a look at my thread that's related to the disapproval of articles: Articles #1: Reasons of rejection explained in detail!
    In the thread above, you'll see each reason for rejection explained in detail.

    Best regards,

    2 august 2020 20:06 8411

    Hey, @AnimationPr0!

    I guess this thread will answer your questions :)
    Rewards: Solution to rewards-related problems & Useful information

    Best regards,

    2 august 2020 20:16 8411

    Gamehag username: Aonb
    The issue/question(s): The formatting of comment / thread text flies off after publishing.
    Note: Greetings! As far as I understand, this is a rather old and well-known bug, but so far it seems that this topic has been raised only superficially and "in between".
    The point is simple: I write a post or thread, do its formatting (i.e., add a bold font, an active link, etc., or even just break into paragraphs), but after publishing it, all my settings simply fly off. As a result, I edit the published text and do the formatting again, and everything is displayed correctly after saving the changes. As you can guess, I have two questions: a) is it possible to somehow avoid such a bug; b) is there any hope that the bug will be fixed.
    Thank you in advance for your reply, I really appreciate your work and help here :)

    P.S. Of course, I checked this on different browsers, cleared the cache, and so on.

    3 august 2020 12:04 8411

    Hello, @Aonb!

    I'll answer all your questions.

    a) Nope, it isn't, because this bug has always existed.
    Numerous members of the Gamehag Moderation Team have reported this bug, and I don't know if the Gamehag Team took any action against it.

    b) It's hard to tell. It all depends on the Gamehag Team. I would report it, but this issue has been proclaimed so many times that I don't see any sense of reporting it again. In general, yes, there's hope, but not sure if this future implementation will take place soon.

    Best regards,

    4 august 2020 11:59 8411

    Gamehag username: FaizKTG
    The question: so there is these kinds of forums with the topic of comparing one thing to another (ex: Roblox vs Fortnite) and some of the replies just leave the title of their favourite game and that's about it or say they like one game without giving any reasons why they do. My question here is whether these types of replies can be considered spam because of how low effort they are.

    11 august 2020 17:36 8411

    Hello, @FaizKTG!

    Depends on the comment, topic, and even the user.

    In conclusion, such comments are considered invalid, but not always.
    If you spot any users with such behavior, then feel free to report them :D

    13 august 2020 13:49 8411

    @patka11 Ще го докладвам. Благодаря ;Д

    13 august 2020 15:42 8411

    Gamehag username: Aonb
    The issue: The further fate of Gamehag articles and their monetization by their authors
    Note: Greetings! I would just like to explain a little the essence of my wonder and related question as well. I found several Gamehag articles which have been published somewhere else lately. In particular, I found a few of them on a Russian-language site where authors can publish their articles and receive a small monetary reward for them. Does Gamehag allow this, or is it a violation (for example, of the material provided exclusivity, etc.)?

    14 august 2020 20:30 8411

    @Aonb Can you give me an example of such an article?

    16 august 2020 13:07 8411

    @Serene47 Question answered on Discord through DMs.

    31 august 2020 09:45 8411

    Gamehag username: FaizKTG
    The issue/question(s): My legit article "Simple Review: Sonic Colors" got rejected as spam even tho it's far from it. May you re-review it?
    Note: I sent a ticket about the issue and they said "We cannot influence the decisions made by the moderators" and that just completly makes no sense as I'm sure a moderator wouldn't reject a properly made article because of spam.

    2 september 2020 21:30 8411

    Hey, @FaizKTG!

    Are you 100% sure that your article wasn't rejected by users?
    If you are sure that it was verified by a moderator, then I'll be more than happy to help you solve the issue you're encountering.

    I guess I'll PM you on Gamehag in this case.


    4 september 2020 13:40 8411

    In the ticket I sent to the support team, they claimed it was the moderators' dicision to reject the article for that reason so I'm pretty sure it was the moderators. I resent the article again a couple days ago and was rejected yet again for the same reason. Maybe the moderator that reviewed it either hates Sonic or is having a bad week? Either way, If you have the time to help me through PM, You can check my friend request I sent you a while ago. Thanks for the help!

    4 september 2020 15:35 8411

    @Serene47 Will answer this question in DMs as I need more details regarding this case.

    20 september 2020 06:45 8411

    Gamehag username: FluteMaster69
    The issue/question(s): Can threads that copy the work of other websites be reported?
    Note: I saw many threads which copied a lot of other game reviews and articles which are from many other different websites and none of them belonged to the creator so I just wanted to have some clarification on whether it can be reported

    29 september 2020 23:35 8411

    Hello, @FluteMaster69!

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Recently, I created a thread where users can report articles from the "From Users" section.

    Refer to this thread: Report Articles from the "From Users" section.

    Thank you for your patience! ;P Regards.

    6 october 2020 07:39 8411

    Gamehag username: ghostish
    The issue/question(s): Why am I being banned for reporting posts?
    (Optional) Note: I was referred here from this thread: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/413289-ban-for-reporting-posts

    Since posting that thread, I have received 2 more ban notifications:"You were issued a ban for reporting posts. The blockade persists until 8 november 2020 15:05" yesterday and "You were issued a ban for reporting posts. The blockade persists until 15 november 2020 14:50" today. Clearly from these I can see an escalation in the time from 1 day to 1 week, though as far as I can tell, I'm not currently blocked from doing anything on the site and was able to report a post earlier without issue. However, I don't know why it is happening.

    In total I have received 4 of these bans since becoming active on gamehag. I only report posts which I consider to be spam, though there tend to be a lot of them. I would like to know what is triggering these bans because I geniunely do not know what I am doing wrong.

    8 november 2020 17:05 8411

    Username: Juffe
    Issue: Multiple of my game recordings got rejected because stating that my account was not new, even if I just did my account before that. I read from your thread that screen capturing would-be solution there. Is there anything on the technology side that could be improved? This kind of rejections is not effecting positively how one sees the site. I feel that screen capturing during registration is a solution, but that solution is far a way from trust based solutions, which would be good for the future of this site.
    Note: I have created tickets of my specific problems via Misty, so I am more interested in how this could be improved on a larger scale, not my individual issues.

    1 december 2020 19:09 8411

    Gamehag username: ghostish
    The issue/question(s): I've noticed often that my threads and posts disappear. Why is this?
    (Optional) Note: Most recent thread in question https://gamehag.com/forum/t/432380-what-do-you-do but there are many other examples I can't link to because I can only get links from the most recent notifications. It appears that all my forum posts from yesterday were removed according to what I can see on my profile. I don't make spam or troll posts or anything like that so this is really baffling to me why my stuff gets removed while spam or posts which add nothing to the conversation aren't. It's really frustrating for me to get a notification that someone has replied to my thread that I can no longer see because it redirects to the main forum screen.

    9 december 2020 19:20 8411

    @ghostish - as far as i've seen, from browsing the forums, then i see you comment on quiet a few "spam" topics, once the topics are taken down cause their spam, ur message will disapear along with it.

    It can also be because, they end up in our attention area, and someone deletes them, it could be a reason to why, its only your messages, though it shouldnt happen.

    hope it clearify it a little

    9 december 2020 20:04 8411

    I wanted to ask about the reason my article was "Rejected by moderator". It has nothing wrong with it, in fact it was the opposite - really helpful for the people, thats why they accepted it. But i want to know who is the moderator who rejected it and why

    17 december 2020 21:25 8411

    @t4tsumihyaku, нещо против да ми приемеш поканата за приятелство в този сайт?

    18 december 2020 16:27 8411

    Gamehag username: Serene47
    Issue: Prepaid Gift Card concern.
    Hello, t4tsumihyaku !
    I wanted to ask about the full steps of receiving the prepaid gift card 5 USD. It is my first time and I do not want anything wrong to happen. Please help!
    Thank you.

    21 december 2020 09:57 8411

    Gamehag username: ghostish
    The issue/question(s): Why was my comment removed instead of the copypasted spam?
    (Optional) Note: In this thread https://gamehag.com/forum/t/446068-why-i-lost-my-exp I reported a comment which copy pasted my answer above theirs. My comment was removed but theirs was not. Why? This isn't right.

    Edit: Another of my comments was just removed from my own thread here https://gamehag.com/forum/t/447212-sg-counter-on-chests where I responded to the person saying my post was hard to read. I don't understand why ordinary posts which I thought were adding to the discussion are being removed.

    I don't even care about the xp at this point, I'm level 6 at the time of writing this, and I've got here despite having posts removed which were not spam. Clearly I'm not a spammer, but I don't know what about my posts is getting them removed. Maybe I'm being targeted for reports for some reason or a mod is not doing their job mindfully. Either way it is insulting to see spam being left behind and it is a bad example for other users to see which I think is probably why there is more spam on the forum than useful posts. Sorry, this is a bit of a rant, but I really hope something will be done about this.

    12 january 2021 15:21 8411

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