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    Articles #1: Reasons of rejection explained in detail!

    Hello, it's t4tsumihyaku :)

    Many users don't understand why their editorials get rejected on moments. Some people can't comprehend that there's a good reason behind every decision we take regarding articles.
    So, that's why, today, I decided to explain each reason for rejection in detail :)

    A duplicate of topic
    - It means that you've copied the article from Gamehag.

    Wrong form of text
    - It means that your article has a poor text structure - such as lack of paragraphs, headings, and so on.

    Spelling errors
    - It means that your article has too many spelling mistakes.

    Fields not filled in
    - It means that the title of the article & the short introduction is almost non-existent.

    - Many users confuse the word plagiarism with vulgarism. That's why I'll explain what plagiarism is.
    When an article gets rejected for plagiarism, it means that it contains a copied text from the internet.

    - It means that the content doesn't match the title.

    - If you spam random characters, space, or any symbols, it's considered spam.

    - If your article contains inappropriate pictures, gifs, or any other related, it's considered obscene.

    Violation of the rules
    - It means that your article is violating the Gamehag rules in some way.
    For example, if you insert any advertising links or any phishing links in it.

    Your article has been written in the wrong language- It means that your article might contain vulgar words, or it could mean that it's not in English.

    Bad grammar
    - It means that your article has too many grammar mistakes.

    Lack of cover picture
    - It means that your article lacks a cover picture.

    Bad formatting
    - It means that your article has an exceeded formatting.

    Any questions related to the platform?
    If so, feel free to ask them in the group :)

    Best regards,

    23 june 2020 13:31 8411

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