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    How to buy FIFA Points in FIFA 17 and 18 with a paysafecard?

    Step 1

    This guide is about the PC version only. In order to redeem your reward for FIFA 17 or 18 on PC, you have to run your Origin client. Proceed by writing "FIFA" in the search form on the left side of your client. Click "View all in store" above the results to make it easier.


    Step 2

    Scroll down and find the reward you have received on Gamehag. In our case it will be 500 FIFA 17 Points Pack. Click it.


    Step 3

    Confirm your choice by clicking "Buy" on the right side of the page.


    Step 4

    In our case, we do not have FIFA on your account. So we will use an example of The Sims 4, trust us, it is the same for every transaction in Origin! ;) If paysafecard is not your default payment option, you will have to click "Edit Payment Options" first on the right side of the pop-up window. Then select paysafecard and click "Proceed to review order"


    Step 5

    Once it will be done, read carefuly the notice under your transaction information and click "Pay now".


    Step 6

    Finally, you will be redirected to the paysafecard payment page. Submit the code you have received from us in the 16-digit field, read the Terms and click "Pay"! ;-)


    Step 7