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    How it works

    How to activate a PPV license for FAME MMA 2?

    Step 1

    Go to https://famemma.com/ and click on the option "Kup PPV" (Buy PPV).


    Step 2

    Select the option "Aktywacja kodu SMS" (Activation by SMS).


    Step 3

    Log in or if you do not have an account on the site, complete the fields (e-mail and password) and click the "Rejestracja" (Registration) button.


    Step 4

    Copy your code from the Gamehag inventory and paste it in the designated box. Confirm by clicking the "Wyślij" (Send) button.


    Step 5

    Your license will be visible after refreshing the data in the account view ("Odśwież" button). You will also receive an email confirming your purchase. Access to the stream will be possible one hour before the start of the event.