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    World War Z is a game created by Saber Interactive, released in April 2019. This is a completely new production based on the license of a film with the same title. World War Z is a cooperative action shooter in the perspective of TPP.

    The game World War Z is embedded, like the film, in a world taken by a epidemic of bloodthirsty zombies. The game has post-apocalyptic motifs, but it is not closely related to the plot known from the film. The player does not need to know or remember the plot of the original World War Z to understand the game’s plot.

    In the game we play the role of four heroes with different professions, whose main goal is to survive in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. We can see three threads in the story - the plot here takes place in three separate cities. Our task is to defend New York, Moscow and Jerusalem from dangerous opponents.

    The game allows character development and leveling up. Each of the four characters we play can develop their skills in any way by gaining experience points. This is done to increase strength, number of health points and passive abilities.

    One of the main features that connects the movie with World War Z is the zombie model. Just like in the original, the living dead move here at dizzying speed, they can climb each other and get to any place, even located seemingly high and at a safe distance from the ground.

    The game has introduced the possibility of building fortifications - thanks to this you can build barricades or trenches with barbed wire, mines, rifles and other traps. In addition, World War Z offers plenty of weapons from a rich arsenal.

    World War Z bg

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    Enthusiasts of post-apocalyptic games have eagerly waited for the production announced over a year ago, based on a popular zombie movie. We are talking about World War Z, which premiered in April 2019.

    The game World War Z, as previously mentioned, is modeled and based on the license of the popular film with the same title. World War Z from 2019, however, does not closely overlap with its predecessor. This means that the knowledge of the movie does not affect the understanding of the plot in the game.

    World War Z is a cooperative action shooter maintained in a post-apo atmosphere. The game offers both single and multiplayer modes prepared for the fight against hordes of opponents. These opponents are the zombies known from the movie. They are moving with dizzying speed. Interestingly, these walking dead can not only run fast and jump, but also climb each other.

    The plot of the game is divided into three chapters, each of them has its place in another city known from the real world. We must, therefore, defend New York, Jerusalem and Moscow, trying to keep mankind alive. In the game we play as a group of four heroes, where each of them has a different profession.

    The game has a system of character development. During the game, we try to gain as many experience points as possible. The higher level we get, the more abilities, skills and strengths our heroes get.

    In World War Z some levels also allow to build fortifications and zombie traps. The creators made sure to give us not only a rich arsenal of offensive weapons, but also materials allowing the defense. We can raise walls with barbed wire, plant mines, gun turrets and many more.

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