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    Get We. The Revolution absolutely for free!

    Artistic games are getting more and more popular among the players. Many people are amazed by the idea and craftsmanship of some of these titles. A game with an interesting title - We. The Revolution - is one of such experimental, artistic attempts in the gaming world.

    We. The Revolution was created by the Polyslash studio. The game represents several genres such as indie or adventure and it has many strategic and logical elements. The plot takes us to the eighteenth-century Paris, where we play the role of a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal.

    Each of our actions and decisions has an impact on the further in-game progress. The plot is very well developed here. We. The Revolution is certainly a title worth playing.

    We. The Revolution bg

    We. The Revolution

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    This year, the Polish studio Polyslash decided to create a game inspired by the indie hit “Papers, Please”. Thanks to this, an interesting game combining a few genres has been created. The game has a very unusual title. It is called We. The Revolution.

    We. The Revolution is an artistic game representing an experimental genre which combines elements of strategy, adventure, action and indie. The game’s storyline tells about 18th century Paris. We play here as a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, who must decide the fate of many people.

    If you want to play this unusual game and see for yourself what the Paris revolution was like, exchange your Soul Gems for We. The Revolution today!