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    Chi Nu 75cm Type 5 tank bg

    Get Type 3 Chi Nu 75cm Type 5 tank absolutely for free!

    Type 3 Chi Nu 75cm Type 5 tank bg

    Type 3 Chi Nu 75cm Type 5 tank


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    To 24 hours

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    Released in 2011, War Thunder is a multiplayer war simulator in the free to play model. This game, released by the Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, allows you to fight in the air, land and sea using vehicles from the Second World War and the Korean War. The main feature is the possibility of conducting combined battles where all vehicles meet on one map.

    The Type 3 Chi Nu is a medium Japanese tank from the Second World War. In the back part of the riveted hull a six-cylinder diesel engine has been placed. The tank was equipped with a 75mm tank gun of the third type. The crew included: a driver, a rifle gunner, a sight, a loader and a commander.

    The prize is the vehicle available only on Gamehag.

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