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    Tropico is a series of economic strategy games, the beginning of which dates back to 2001. The Tropico series were created by the Limbic Entertainment studio. In the game, from the very beginning, we play as El Presidente who rules a banana republic - one of the tropical islands. The game has already had its sixth installment - Tropico 6.

    The plot of Tropico 6 is quite simple. The whole game focuses on strategic activities aimed at building the economic power of our island. During the game, we must stay in power and achieve our goals.

    Any person who likes strategic and economic games should get to know this title.

    Tropico 6 bg

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    Anyone who loves strategic and economic games for sure knows the Tropico series. This series was created by a studio known for the production of, among many others, the Might & Magic series. The Tropico series had six parts so far.

    Tropico 6 is the latest, refreshed version of the game, in which we play as El Presidente - the ruler of a tropical island. As the commander in chief of the banana republic, we must not only manage the economy, but also perform various tasks. The most important thing, however, is to stay in power.

    If you want to run your own republic and get to know the taste of El Presidente's life, you can now exchange your Soul Gems for the game!