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    Transformers: Battlegrounds bg

    Get Transformers: Battlegrounds absolutely for free!

    Transformers: Battlegrounds is a game developed by the British studio Coatsink Software, and released in October 2020 by Outright Games owned by the long-term owner of the brand - Hasbro. In 1983, this company bought the concept of shape-shifting robots from the Japanese company Takara, releasing a series of Transformers toys that have become a permanent part of popular culture. Transformers conquered the hearts of the youngest by storm, quickly becoming an inspiration for the creation of comics, books, animated series, films and games.

    Transformers: Battlegrounds is a turn-based strategy game that recalls the XCOM series. We play the role of an Autobot squad, whose tasks include repelling the Decepticons' attack and defeating Megatron, who wants to obtain a magical artifact that brings transformers to life.

    Transformers: Battlegrounds bg

    Transformers: Battlegrounds

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    Transformers are characters adored by several generations of kids. Shapeshifting robots from a galaxy far, far away are well known to modern children as well as to those who are now 50-something. This brand was founded in 1980 and has undergone a TRANSFORMATION - from toys, through comics, novels, animated series, movies, to games.

    Transformers: Battlegrounds is the latest game released by the owner of the brand - Hasbro, via Outright Games. This title shows a strong inspiration from the XCOM series. We play the role of an Autobot squad, which must effectively repel the attack and, as a result, defeat Megatron.

    If you love the Transformers universe and are attracted to strategy games, be sure to exchange Soul Gems for Transformers: Battlegrounds!