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    Get Total War: THREE KINGDOMS absolutely for free!

    Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is a so-called exclusive game created only for the PC platform. Three Kingdoms were created by the Creative Assembly studio and the game is the twelfth, full-fledged installment of the Total War series.

    The game was released just a few days ago. The premiere was on May 23, 2019, and therefore it is a complete novelty in the gaming world.

    All those who love RTS games, economic strategies, themes related to ancient China and the Total War series itself will surely be delighted by this game.

    Total War: THREE KINGDOMS bg


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    Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is a completely new game in the Total War series. Three Kingdoms premiered a few days ago, and is already enjoying high ratings like 8 or 9 out of 10. The title was released as an exclusive PC game.

    The game combines spectacular battle scenes with turn-based strategy. You can play both solo and in multiplayer. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is a great attraction for the TW series and RTS fans.

    Do you want to play this unique release? All you have to do is to exchange Soul Gems for your own game. We invite you to the game!