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    Get Subnautica absolutely for free!

    Subnautica is an underwater survival with elements of an adventure game that puts a lot of emphasis on exploring its sandbox world. Get it for free today and conquer the depths of the mysterious planet 4546B.

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    Do you want to save Soul Gems?

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    Subnautica for free!

    Subnautica is a survival embedded in a sandbox, underwater world of an alien planet. 4546B (because that's how it's called) is completely covered by the ocean. As a castaway in a damaged capsule, we must get out of the unfriendly environment as quickly as possible, while avoiding all sorts of dangers that are waiting for us in the depths.

    The gameplay of the Subnautica game does not differ significantly from other productions of the survival genre. Our initial equipment gives a lot to be desired, so to survive we are forced to explore the terrifying depths, inhabited by huge beasts.

    The game is equipped with four modes, each predicted for one player. Each of them allows you to play with a different level of difficulty. Freedom Mode, Survival Mode, Hardcore Mode or Creative Mode? Which one will you choose?

    Get the key to the Subnautica game for free and travel the depths of the ocean at will!

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