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    StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT bg

    Get StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT absolutely for free!

    StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT bg

    StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The most popular type of weapons in CS:GO is a shotgun. Sawed-Off is a handy version with a shortened barrel. It has a small magazine, but it compensates for it with a very high rate of fire. This shotgun is painted in an orange and black pattern known from the DDPAT uniform. Exchange your Soul Gems for the StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT. The most important change in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the inclusion of weapon skins. Each weapon can be covered with a decorative skin, changing the whole appearance of the weapon. The most popular skins are sold in special stores, but there are also many cases of finding rarer models during the game. The StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT is one of those weapons that are rarely found on the battlefield, but often bought by collectors. It has an excellent condition and is worth collecting. Exchange your Soul Gems for this beautiful weapon!