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    Stardew Valley is a sandbox RPG game that was inspired by the popular Harvest Moon series. The player takes the role of a young man who is an employee of a large corporation and wants to have a career. One day, he receives an envelope from his grandfather with information that he should open it when his life seems monotonous to him and he no longer feels fulfilled. This moment is coming and the letter in the envelope informs that he is the heir of a small farm. He decides to change his life and take on the role of a farmer. His task is to restore the splendor of the farm and ensure its prosperity. Stardew Valley is an award in the form of a PC game.

    Stardew Valley PC bg

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    Stardew Valley is a sandbox RPG that was inspired by the popular Harvest Moon farming game series. The hero of the game is a corporate employee who received a mysterious envelope from his grandfather.

    He can only open it when he decides that his life is monotonous and no longer meets his expectations. This moment, of course, is coming, and the young man learns that he has inherited a farm! The player's task is to restore the farm to its former glory.

    If you want to try your hand as a farmer, exchange Soul Gems for the Stardew Valley award for PC now!