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    Star Wars: Squadrons is another game added to the list of countless works set in the Star Wars universe. This title, like many previous ones, was produced under the wings of Electronic Arts Inc. by EA Motive Studios. The game is available for PC, Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4. Interestingly, this title can also be played using virtual reality systems.

    In Star Wars: Squadrons, we play the role of a five-person team and it's up to us whether we want to stand on the side of the New Republic or the Empire. While sitting at the controls of space fighters, such as the X-wing or the TIE, we take part in huge space battles. In the game, not only dexterity and speed are important, but also sensible resource management - fuel or ammunition.

    Star Wars: Squadrons bg

    Star Wars: Squadrons

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    Star Wars is a powerful universe that, apart from a series of movies that started in the 1970s, also saw hundreds of comics, series, books, short films, animations and games for various platforms. The latter have been published for many years mainly by the popular Electronic Arts studio.

    The latest work of EA studio (created by its Motive Studios) is Star Wars: Squadrons released in October 2020. It is a sci-fi shooter in which we play the role of soldiers of the Empire or the New Republic, fighting against the opposing team.

    Are you a fan of SW? Or maybe you like shooters full of excitement and speed? If YES, exchange your Soul Gems for Star Wars: Squadrons today!