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    Get Star Conflict Premium absolutely for free!

    Who has never dreamed of getting behind the stick of a spaceship traveling through unknown galaxies? With the MMO simulator released in 2012 called Star Conflict, you can play the role of the captain of a great intergalactic freighter. The game was created by Star Gem studio, and published by the giant Gaijin Entertainment, which oversees the operation of servers. Since then, Star Conflict has been attracting thousands of players a day.

    Star Conflict Premium is an additional DLC that introduces extra ships, add-on sets, modules, licenses and many other premium items that you can buy for Gold Standards or using real cash. With Gamehag, however, you can have it absolutely free!


    Premium Licenses


    Star Conflict is a game created by Star Gem in 2012 for the PC. This is a space MMO simulator that allows thousands of players at once to travel the farthest corners of the galaxy behind the stick of huge spaceships.

    Star Conflict is a large-scale game that soon after the premiere won the hearts of players around the world. Soon after, it was also released on other systems - including Linux and iOS.

    Star Conflict also comes in the Premium version, which allows you to own and discover things inaccessible to ordinary players. These include new modules, licenses, ships, add-on kits and more.

    If you too would like to play Star Conflict in the extended version, exchange your Soul Gems for Star Conflict Premium today!