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    Star Conflict is a unique, multidimensional, mass, simulation network game. This is the title created in 2012 by Star Gem. The game's plot is set in space, where hundreds of players meet in the open world and traverse countless galaxies. Skirmishes in the game are carried out in the PvE system. Star Conflict is available in a free to play model, but it has micropayments. For real cash you can get, among others, Galactic Standards - a currency which allows you to buy various cosmetic accessories that will make the game more enjoyable, as well as facilitate the performance of various tasks.


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    In 2012, Star Gem created a unique online simulation game set in cosmic realities. This title almost immediately won the hearts of PC players around the world. The option of playing with others via the Internet, a variety of tasks and possibilities, as well as the openness of the cosmic world have made Star Conflict also come out on iOS, Linux and OS X.

    The game was released in a free to play model with micropayments. The currencies which can be bought for real cash include Galactic Standards, with which you can buy, among others, cosmetic accessories.

    Thanks to Gamehag you can get Galactic Standards for free - all you have to do is exchange your Soul Gems for a reward!