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    SSG 08 bg

    SSG 08

    The SSG 08 is a German sniper rifle. The weapon is very accurate and has great power, which makes it one of the most popular rifles in the game. It was painted with unique camouflage techniques. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SSG 08! The SSG 08 was designed by the German company IWI, well known for its high technology weapons. The rifle has a moderate rate of fire, but it is very effective at long range. It is used primarily by snipers, who act in pairs. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SSG 08! The SG 08 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle developed in the German Empire, which was used in World War I and II. It is a simple and reliable weapon with a high rate of fire, but with a short effective range. It got into the hands of many players thanks to the ability to kill an enemy from long distance. This rifle was painted with a hydrographic pattern of a classic camouflage. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SSG 08!