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    Souvenir Nova | Polar Mesh bg

    Get Souvenir Nova | Polar Mesh absolutely for free!

    Souvenir Nova | Polar Mesh bg

    Souvenir Nova | Polar Mesh

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    This is a souvenir version of the Nova, a semi-automatic pistol created by the CS:GO developers for the players. It was decorated with a combination of hydrographics and thermal transfer stickers, and equipped with a counter to track the number of kills. Exchange Soul Gems for a Souvenir Nova | Polar Mesh! The Nova is a semi-automatic sniper rifle which shoots with one shot per trigger pull. It was created in Sweden. It has low damage, but high accuracy. The weapon was covered with thermal transfer stickers using a mesh pattern. Exchange Soul Gems for special Souvenir - Souvenir Nova | Polar Mesh!